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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Will I or won't I??

Don't know if I mentioned but I'm going to be going to the trade show Stitches at the NEC in Birmingham (Bright Sparks Pavillion) to show my stamps. I can't tell you how up and down I've been trying to decide if I was going to do it or not. One minute I'm definitely doing it then the next all my insecurities come flooding in and I think why would anyone want to buy Nikki or Ruby stamps???? I've had some lovely comments on my blog...some from friends and some from people I don't know. When I see these comments it really gives me a boost and that's when I think I AM going to do it. I'm not the most confident of people (I hide it well!) and this is really scary. I was the one in class that never put up their hand in case they got the answer wrong.
I think there's a hole in the market for stamps like Nikki & Friends. I was doing a lot of blog hopping today and I noticed there are a lot of cutesy character stamps. I love these stamps and I've got an awful lot of them myself (hard to believe I know lol) but some of them don't suit certain age groups. I think there's a Nikki for everyone!
I'm going to be making a lot of samples to show Nikki & Friends and Ruby Fairy in their best light possible. My sister Tracey and my BFF Karen will also be making samples so hopefully I'll have more than enough to entice the retailers to stock them :D
This card is the start of the samples...I told you I'd be making more of the side-step cards!

The colour combo came from the ribbon. It was wrapped around one of my one my Christmas presents :D (a crafter never throws anything out!)
This is Shopping Ruby Fairy...I {heart} her. The very talented Moira Munro is the illustrator of Ruby. I found her through google and believe it or not she only lives 2 villages away from me. After we met she told me she used to walk to work through my village....small world huh.
There are 6 Ruby's in total but I'm hoping Moira will create another couple for the show. I'm also hoping to have them for sale on my blog early February. I'll keep you posted.

I think that's it for tonight. I'm off to walk the dogs...they're loving the fresh snow that fell today.

Thank you for stopping by and for your comments. They really make my day and what gal doesn't like a compliment or two lol.

Catch ya later x


mcorlett said...

Hi Kerry,

I've got a question for you re the side step card - how do you fold it to get it in an envelope?

Love your blog - all the way from Vancouver!!

Lisa Jane said...

Just wanted to give you a word of encouragement re BIRMINGHAM - of course you should go. Everyone will love your Nikki Stamps. I went out yesterday to meet friends who also craft and they loved the pic of the card i made with shopping NIKKI, and they all said they could think of people they could send cards to using the image- so i am sure there will lots of interest.
I find Birmingham a rotten journey otherwise i would come along, but if you ever come to Harrogate or Manchester i will come along to say hello and give my support!
Have confidence.
Lisa ;)

craftyrufus said...

Think possitive Kerry your stamps are fabulous, such beautiful designs and so easy to work with. With your samples on display they can't help but wow the public!

Annette said...

Hi Kerry
I agree with all the comments above, you know you have my support, you go girl !!! by the way love the step up card, how do you do it ???? AX