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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

4 strikes...

...and I'm out! I know it's 3 strikes and your out but I struck out 4 times this morning trying to find the Cardmaking & Papercrafts magazine with Karen's article in. Four stores and not even a sniff of it until tomorrow...TOMORROW!!! I went into WH Smith's first and it was just as well I knew the girl who worked there because when I asked where the February issue was (there were plenty of the Jan issue) I could hear the hysteria rising in my voice (and if I could hear it I'm sure she could as well as the whole mall!) when she told me it wasn't in until the next day. THE NEXT DAY! Forgive me if I'm wrong but if someone (the magazine editor) says something is on sale on the 19th surely it should be on sale ON THE 19TH!!!! Ok...I can see I'm getting slightly hysterical again so I'll try and calm down lol. After WHS I headed to McColl's, Asda and my last hope Tesco. It's the biggest Tesco on the planet so surely it had to be there....Nup, Nope, Nine, Nada, NO! By that point I figured it wouldn't matter where I travelled (unless it was to Stranraer to look at Pat's copy as Karen suggested hmph) I wasn't going to get it today so to console myself I browsed the stationery section and bought myself 2 lime green binders for my paperwork :D

Since I couldn't get the mag I thought I'd share the cards with you anyway. I've had these babies on my laptop for the last 2 months burning a hole in my hard drive lol. So many times I wanted to sneak them on my blog but I knew that meant big trouble for Karen so I held back. So without further ado here they are ....

Love Winestool Nikki's sparkly LBD

Hmmm...I've got some of this paper...been saving it but think I'll have to break it out..Love it!!

This is Casual Nikki's first appearance but not her last!

Good ole' Martini Nikki and her pampered pooch. Better not let Ruby and Rocky see this one lol.

So what do you think? Fabulous or what? I'm really pleased with all the cards. I'll post the next set tomorrow.

Must get some work done now that half the days gone. Have a good one :D

Catch ya later x


Anonymous said...

Fabulous - no "what" about it.
Loved casual Nikki's debut.

Lisa Jane said...

I love them all - can't resist the Pink,