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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

TLT - Anita's Challenge - Make Your Own Embellies

Hellooooooooooooooooooooo and welcome to another Totally Ladybug Tuesday! Hope you've all had a good week and didn't get blown about too much. It's been pretty blustery (is that a word??) most of the week here and I'm crossing my fingers and toes that we'll start getting better (warmer, drier, sunnier) weather

This week is our flabulous Ladybug Anita's turn to choose our challenge and I love it...make your own embellishments! There's so much to choose, flowers...did I mention flowers??? LOL...believe it or not I didn't make flowers for this challenge...I did something totally new...I made epoxy dots!!! Have a looksee and tell me what you think....

I was a bit of a multi-tasker and combined the challenge with Amanda's birthday card. Her birthday was Sunday and by all accounts she had a flabulous day :-D I used my new KI pp which I LOVE and my new embossing folder.

I thought I'd try something different for the flower on The Flip Flops and used FS with my micro beads

These are my epoxy dots...super cute. I bought 2 sizes of the Ephiphany Crafts expoxy dot maker...this one is SST-02 Roiund 14. They are so easy, quick and fun to make...I used the same KI pp as the front of the card.

I finished off the inside Mary J style

Thank you to everyone who entered last weeks challenge ...we had flabulous entries so make sure you head over to the Challenge Blog to see if you're one of the winners. If you're the overall winner email me with the stamp you'd like (£6.50 value) and where you'd like it sent :-D

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for this weeks challenge!

Thanks for stopping by

Catch ya later x

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Another Ladybug Birthday

Happy birthday Amanda...I hope you have a flabulous day!
May has been very busy with birthdays and I think the last on my list is my Lovely Ladybug Amanda. I have got her card made but not mailed or posted here today as it's for Tuesday's challenge. I ended up multi tasking so I'm sorry your card is late Amanda but you'll see it on Tuesday and hopefully it will be with you by the end of the week or early the following week. :-D

I made this card last week again using the new KI pp although I coloured The Ruffle while I was away (just about the only crafting I did hmph). I love the colours of the pp (they look better IRL) and my new border punch.

The picture is a bit blurred but the inside says 'buy the matching handbag!' It would be rude not to lol.

I didn't go ott on the sparkle (no I'm not ill lol) and kept it to the ruffle on the shoes and studs on the handbag.

Before I forget I've managed to sort my commenting problem!!!! Pam sent me a link to a blog which Lisa sent to her which Lisa found here (phew!) I tried it quickly last night and it works. All you have to do when logging in is untick the 'keep me logged in' box. Not sure why it works but it does so if you've been having the same trouble as me and fed up swearing at your computer check it out! Thanks Pam, Lisa and Jules :-D
It's an appalling day here and I have to head out in it with the dogs :-( I hope to get over to Craft World at some point...I haven't been there in months and 'need' a few things.

I hope you're having a dry Sunday.

Catch ya later x

Saturday, 28 May 2011

I made the cover!

Woo about that huh! I totally forgot about the Best of British in Simply Cards & Papercraft until it arrived this morning. (These things are done so far in least a couple of months) I opened it and when the free magazine fell out I thought...that middle one looks familiar lol.

Then you open it at page 20 and this is what you see!!! I think it looks flab...especially they way they've done the 3 flowers on page 21 :-D

OH and I went to see The Hangover 2 last night...we were supposed to go out for dinner before hand but he was too busy coming second in a golf tournament (got a cute trophy for his efforts)! He now goes through to a tournament in England and if he does well, the next one's in China!!! I'm definitely going with him there if he gets through since I am part Chinese and I would love to see where my mom was born. Anywho, we made do with a chippy then two scoops of Ben & Jerry's Fairly Nuts icecream at the cinema!!! There have been mixed reviews of The Hangover 2 but I thought it was hilarious ... there was a bit in it where PF Changs was mentioned and only me and the guy next to me laughed...guess nobody else has been lololol.

I've been trying to comment on blogs on a daily basis but I'm still not getting anywhere. Just when I think I've cracked it, I get sent back to Google log in and the whole process starts over again. I thought it was just me but some of my team have struggled and I was reading a blog in the US the other day and it was mentioned there. Come on Blogger...get your finger out and get it fixed!!

I've got to dash and get a few cards at least started...have been too busy doing other things to get into my workroom :-(

Hope you're having a good long weekend ... thanks for dropping in :-D

Catch ya later x

Friday, 27 May 2011

Happy Birthday Pinky!

It's our Lovely Ladybug Pinky's birthday today and I'd like to wish her the happiest of days and hope she is thoroughly spoiled :-D I have mailed your card Pinky...honest! Just in case it's late, here it is...

In hindsight I should have used pink instead of purple but I got this KI Memories 'Posh' paper pad when I was at Precious Memories and was desperate to use it. Anyway, isn't purple in the same family as pink??? I used another one of my new wasn't until I was uploading the pictures I noticed it went perfectly with the leaves on the pp.

Make a Wish Nikki is a dream to colour ie not much involved lol.

I did colour in the frosting but didn't like it so went for the FS and some micro beads...another perfect match!

I even Mary J'd the inside :-D

Remember our storm from Monday and my fallen tree? Well this is it...

The tree was just a sapling that we moved to the other side of the fence when we moved here 14 years ago...I don't even think it topped the fence but look at the size of it now!

This BBQ is big and HEAVY...there's no way I could have lifted it back up. I know our 100mph winds were nothing compared to Missouri's devastation and can't I begin to imagine what they went through. I just hope and pray that everyone affected will be able to rebuild their lives.

Oddly, I've started running. It was something I did at school but not interested in after...I just didn't like getting all hot and sweaty! Mom and dad were given a fabulous running machine as part payment for a job my dad had done and it had lain unused ever since. I was waking anywhere between 5 and 6:30am every morning so instead of lying there waiting for everyone else to get up I decided I'd go for a 'walk'. Well that walk led to running and I kinda got hooked. Especially when I found THE best TV station to get me through. It's called ME TV and it has all the programmes I used to watch growing up like My Three Sons, Petticoat Junction, I Love Lucy, Gunsmoke, Beverley Hillbilly's, The Honeymooners, Mary Tyler Moore, The Bob Newhart Show, The Dick VanDyke Show...OMG, it was like being transported back in time :-D

I've got some flabulous news to tell you...Jean got out of hospital yesterday!!! It's been a long 9 months and a day I thought I'd never see. The last time I saw her before I went away, I thought she'd be in hospital for another month or so as she was still in a lot of pain and extremely weak. She wasn't eating...just couldn't face was fed through a tube. Well, when I went to see her on Sunday I couldn't get over the difference. She swung her legs out of bed and had so much more energy. She even asked me to bring her some chicken drumsticks!!! I called her last night on the way to Sadie's to see how she had settled in and she was so happy to be home. It will take her a while to get her full strength back but after seeing what she's been through and witnessing her fight her way back from death's doorstep I know she'll be ok.

On that note I'll love you and leave you. I hope you have a great weekend...another long one!!

Catch ya later x

ps I'm having a real hard time commenting on everyone's blogs. I don't know what's up with Mr Blogger now but he's being a right pain in the backside!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Super quick!

I've NO time to chat....thank goodness you say lol. It's my nephew John's birthday today...he's 28 so do you think this card's ok??!!

I haven't coloured a Jack in in a while (should there be 2 in's???) and thought  Cheeky Jack would make him smile (along with the contents of the card!). I printed the sentiment off the computer...Na-na, it's your birthday John... and on the inside it says...and I didn't forget! Not that I would forget but it gets to the point of trying to think of something to write!!

This is one of the new border punches I bought at Joann's

I'd signed it before I took pictures ... doh!

You can't tell but I put GA on his tongue

So that's it...short and sweet. I'll save any gossip for tomorrow :-D

Catch ya later x

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

TLT - Pinky's Challenge - Animals

Wow...I can't believe my house is still standing after the winds yesterday (up to 100mph)! I hope everyone affected by the GFW are safe and haven't had too much damage to their property. I thought we'd gotten away with a few patio chairs blowing around but a HUGE tree at the bottom of our yard on the other side of the fence fell into our yard taking some of the fence with it. I haven't managed to get a picture yet but will post one later. Also our heavier than heavy BBQ was lifted and blown across the patio!! Mother Nature is so not happy :-(

With the winds came the inevitable power cuts and yup you guessed it...we lost power for over 4 hours.  I managed to get everything but the sewing done and just before 8pm the lights etc flickered and I was finally able to finish my card. With the pictures finally taken and Photoshopped (I think Pinky was stressing as my card hadn't appeared until after 10pm last night :-S) here is the end result....


There are so many LCI stamps to choose from that have animals but I hadn't inked up Buttercup - In the Doghouse in a while so I did lol. I coloured her in with my Copics, cut her out with my Nesties and mounted her on scalloped green cs. What do you think of the pp? Isn't it stunnalicious! As I was about to pay for my things at Precious Memories after my demo, I noticed this gorgealicous Basic Grey pp called Sweet Threads. I only bought one sheet each of 5 in the range so I'm kicking myself I didn't get more.

Poor Buttercup...she doesn't look too happy now her house is sold. I made up the sentiment with my favourite alphabet set. 

I wanted to give the card a bit of dimension so I stamped the image twice (which means colouring it twice!) and cut out one, including Buttercup, and sticking it over the main image using dimensional foam pads so it looks like Buttercup is actually in the house.

It would have been rude not to use my EK Success paw punch and I found this megalicious crinkly ribbon I bought sometime last year.

Thank you to my lovely Ladybug Pinky for choosing this weeks challenge...I'm sorry if I stressed you out lol.

Now don't forget to check to see if you're a winner from last weeks Challenge. If you see your name in the #1 spot email me with your chosen stamp and where you want me to send it.

Before I forget I want to apologise for the lack of words in my post last week lol. Before I left for Vancouver I uploaded all the photographs and was going to write up the posts once I was there. I did the first one fine but then we went to the States all day on the following Monday and didn't get back till late and I totally forgot about it until I woke the next morning! By that time it was well into the afternoon here and apart from thinking you'd enjoy a quick post for a change and not have to read all the rubbish I write, I didn't have the energy. I know some of my team were a bit concerned as they say I'm never lost for words lol.

Anywho, thanks for dropping in. I hope you enjoy this weeks challenge and the inspiration the team have for you. Why not let us know what you think by leaving a comment...we LOVE to hear from you :-D

Catch ya later x

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Queen Ladybug is in da house!

Hellloooooooooooo...I'm back and contrary to what Tam's said I know I was missed by a few of the Ladybugs...unless they're just being polite and want some more rubber!!!

I must say I was VERY sniffy when I said goodbye to everyone. I find it easier when they're visiting me and THEY leave...funny that.

I promise these are the last of my holiday snaps I'll show you (unless I find some hidden gems) and then it's back to business!!

We went to the States on Monday and we had an extra passenger this time, Celine. I hadn't seen Celine since Shelly and Richard's wedding almost 6 years ago so it was great to see her again. Mom and I left the house at 7am and picked up DLS and Celine then did the Tim's run (the best coffee and bagel house in the country...sorry Starbucks) then picked up Tracey. She only lives 5 minutes from the border so it's very too handy! We drove to Joann's fabrics for our one and only crafty stop....unfortunately only Tracey and I make cards now...Shelly packed it in a couple of years ago himph. I bought 4 EK Success punches and that's it! I'll show them to you once I find them lol.

From there we drove to Alderwood Mall and PF Changs, playing a game all the way which made the journey so much faster.  After lunch we did a bit of shopping then drove back stopping at the Tualip shopping outlets where we 
 shopped till we dropped. Everyone managed to find something...some luckier than others.
This is us at PF Changs and I'll tell you the food tasted as good as it looked. By the time this picture was taken the lettuce wraps were devoured!

Tracey, me, Shelly, Celine and mom (The Judy)

Last full day and I thought I should have my last feast of edename beans. I must admit they don't look very appealing in the picture but they are yummalicious.


Tuesday night the whole family went to the Keg for our last meal. Here are da sistahs...

Me having a glass of erm....water!

Dad about to tuck into his steak and lobster

The last photocall Wednesday morning...

Mom and I

Mom, dad and I

Me and DLS...

DLS did have her picture taken under protest as she said her hair was a mess...maybe she should find a decent hairdresser rofl!!

The journey home was me that means no turbulance! Even the smallest bump and I've got us ditched into the sea :-S

I grabbed a taxi home and got the biggest hug from DH when he answered the door. I'm hoping that was because he missed me and not because he didn't have to cook and clean any more lol. Then I got licked to within an inch of my life from Rocky and Ruby...they definitely missed me :-)

So it's back to reality with a bang. I'm still a bit tired but think by Monday I'll be back to normal. Nic and I went for lunch yesterday and caught up on all the news. We managed to fit in another wedding venue beforehand which she says is 'THE ONE'. Now where have I heard that before lol.

Have a great weekend

Catch ya later x

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I'm almost on my way..

home!!! I leave for the airport in a couple of hours and I know I'll be in floods of tears. I have had a great time even with the weather being so bad. Of course yesterday and today are gorgeous as will be tomorrow and Friday...totally typically sod's law lol.

Me and DLS

Catch ya later x

Monday, 16 May 2011

On the home stretch

I had a great time demoing at Precious Memories yesterday and met lots of lovely ladies. Thanks to everyone that popped in to say hi :-D

My Aunty Sue, cousin Colette and her family came for a visit on we are looking our VERY best lol...

Jacob, Colette, me, Christina making fish faces

DLS picked me up and we met my mom, Tracey, cousin Colette, Aunty Sue and a friend of DLS's at The White Spot for some dinner then went to see Bridesmaids at the movies. I know it seems I'm eating out a lot...I guess I am lol...but I always go to certain restaurants when I come home and have all my favourites. I even went to The White Spot yesterday morning for breakfast with another wonderful friend Kathy. I think I've gone to all of them now...WS, Earls, The Keg, Dairy Queen (for those who've asked DQ is THE bestest most megamazing place to get icecream and is the cure for EVERYTHING)

Ryan asked me to make a card for his girlfriend's birthday last month and this is what I did...

I loved the simplicity of this card my Lovely Ladybug Anita made last month though I changed it slightly, adding stitching and exchanging the ribbon for felt flower.

OMG...tomorrow is the States!!! Every time I come home mom, DLS, Tracey and I go over the line and drive to Seattle for lunch at PF Changs. They make the most amazing lettuce wraps...and everything else! Then we drive back and stop at the outlets to get some great bargains. Then I start to worry how I'm going to get everything in my suitcases and cross my fingers and toes that I haven't gone over my 30 kilo limit lol.'s called me for dinner so best get going before I get into trouble lol. Only a few more days and I'll be back on UK soil :-D

Catch ya later xx