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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day here in North America and I hope all you mother's have a spectaculicious day :-D

LOL...I have definitely been gone too long as I noticed my darling little sister corrected my bridge naming efforts. Of COURSE it's the Cambie Street bridge and not the Oak Street bridge...I KNEW that but I was testing to see if she actually reads my blog and now that I know she does we're good :-D

After a lot of humming and awwwing I did decide to go for the Brazillian BO yesteday and it was flabulous! I love having my hair done (who doesn't???) but especially over here because you always get a head massage that nearly puts you to sleep lol. Apart from that it was great spending time with DLS...we have such a laugh...isn't that what sister's are for??? I love the fact that for the next two weeks I can say to either of my sisters or mom ... 'fancy going for some lunch?' or 'let's go shopping' {happy sigh}

I booked to get my eyebrows waxed with Joy who works with DLS at the salon. I remember years ago DLS saying Joy was THE best at eyebrows so with no time like the present I went for it. I've never had it done before...always 'tweezed' them (as opposed to pluck a chicken lol!!) and while Joy was at it I asked her to attack my 'tache as well. I have now been highlighted, smoothed and defuzzed lmao. It was a bit of a risk with the 'tache as from previous experiences I get little white spots for days after as well as a instant collagen look...thankfully not quite the trout pout you see in the mags lol. For that reason, when I went to Dairy Queen (DQ makes EVERYTHING better) afterwards I didn't make eye contact with the young guy serving me!

I did a bit of retail therapy in between BBO and the waxing at Precious Memories. I have been shopping there for years and have got to know the girls pretty well (hi Tara, Diane, Judy & Judy) although there were some new faces yesterday (Pauline and another lovely lady). If you ever come to Vancouver you HAVE to go to PM...apart from selling an amazing line of stamps called LCI they have a gazillion pp's and all the latest gadgets you could want. For instance I saw these gorgeous flowers on some sample cards at the cash desk. I asked Diane about them and before you knew it she was demonstrating how to make them. Now Diane's pretty clever because she showed me on the new funky electronic cutting thingamajig (the name escapes me but Tim Holtz's name is on it and it looks like a suitcase) I could have stayed there all day cutting out the flower dies. OMG...if it didn't weigh a tonne I would have bought it there and then! No more cranking that hande, getting whacked when the handle slipped out of your hand when you hit resistance. Then Diane also showed me a new gizmo that makes epoxy dots and yes...I bought it...that's that round thing in the picture. I'm so weak hmph!

I might be demoing there next weekend...although I have brought some crafty stuff to play with, I'm feeling a bit lost without my craft room :-(

This is the card I made for my mom...

We're going to DLS's for homemade fish and chips ala her hubby and I'm getting the DQ (wonder what I'll have...Oreo Cookie Blizzard? Peanut Buster Parfait with strawberries in the middle or maybe a DQ sandwhich). Tracey and Darcy will be arriving after work...hopefully T will bring some of the amazing garlic bread she brought the other night!

That's it from me...hope you all have a wonderful Sunday

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

Goodness .. you sound like a new woman lol.. good job i have never met you or i wouldn't recognise you !
Sound like you have had a right old crafty time.. fab stash..
Keep up the updates lol
Lisa x

theCook said...

I'm very curious about the epoxy dots maker... Please show us what you make with it!

pinky said...

I am worn out trying to decipher all the shortened codes, I must be getting old but you sound like you are wearing your family out good and proper lol. Loving your new stash and lack of mustache lol (couldn't resist that) have fun and let me know what DQ stands for????

Michelle said...

Sounds like you are having an amazing time!!

Your card is fantastic, I can so relate to that sentiment, lol.

Michelle :-)

Diane's Card Designs said...

Sounds like your having a lovely time with your family. I love the image and the sentiment, I had to's so funny!
Diane hugs :-) xx

Amanda R said...

Kerry, so glad you are having a great time! I love to get my hair and brows done too but I'm staying away from the waxing of the stache, I will take care of that myself! Adore this card, it is so cute! And yes, Dairy Queen does make everything better!

Susan said...

Oh what a lovely time you sound like you are having - soooo jealous.
I bought three of the button makers (circle, flower and heart) - couldn't decide which one I couldn't live with out - they are still upstairs in the packaging :D This is where I bought mine from if anyone is interested
Enjoy the rest of your break and soooo pleased you are still blogging xx

The Spotted Chick said...

Ooooh, a DQ girl too? I knew we were SISTAHS!! But what's this.... Blizzard or DQ sandwich biz-ness? A BLIZZARD of course! ROFL!

I'm lovin' this image. You know me and OLD people, must be they remind me of myself! LOL! OH and a tutorial on those FLOWERS puh-leeeeease!! They're GOR-JUSS!

Shelly said...

xoxoxo DLS