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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Queen Ladybug is in da house!

Hellloooooooooooo...I'm back and contrary to what Tam's said I know I was missed by a few of the Ladybugs...unless they're just being polite and want some more rubber!!!

I must say I was VERY sniffy when I said goodbye to everyone. I find it easier when they're visiting me and THEY leave...funny that.

I promise these are the last of my holiday snaps I'll show you (unless I find some hidden gems) and then it's back to business!!

We went to the States on Monday and we had an extra passenger this time, Celine. I hadn't seen Celine since Shelly and Richard's wedding almost 6 years ago so it was great to see her again. Mom and I left the house at 7am and picked up DLS and Celine then did the Tim's run (the best coffee and bagel house in the country...sorry Starbucks) then picked up Tracey. She only lives 5 minutes from the border so it's very too handy! We drove to Joann's fabrics for our one and only crafty stop....unfortunately only Tracey and I make cards now...Shelly packed it in a couple of years ago himph. I bought 4 EK Success punches and that's it! I'll show them to you once I find them lol.

From there we drove to Alderwood Mall and PF Changs, playing a game all the way which made the journey so much faster.  After lunch we did a bit of shopping then drove back stopping at the Tualip shopping outlets where we 
 shopped till we dropped. Everyone managed to find something...some luckier than others.
This is us at PF Changs and I'll tell you the food tasted as good as it looked. By the time this picture was taken the lettuce wraps were devoured!

Tracey, me, Shelly, Celine and mom (The Judy)

Last full day and I thought I should have my last feast of edename beans. I must admit they don't look very appealing in the picture but they are yummalicious.


Tuesday night the whole family went to the Keg for our last meal. Here are da sistahs...

Me having a glass of erm....water!

Dad about to tuck into his steak and lobster

The last photocall Wednesday morning...

Mom and I

Mom, dad and I

Me and DLS...

DLS did have her picture taken under protest as she said her hair was a mess...maybe she should find a decent hairdresser rofl!!

The journey home was me that means no turbulance! Even the smallest bump and I've got us ditched into the sea :-S

I grabbed a taxi home and got the biggest hug from DH when he answered the door. I'm hoping that was because he missed me and not because he didn't have to cook and clean any more lol. Then I got licked to within an inch of my life from Rocky and Ruby...they definitely missed me :-)

So it's back to reality with a bang. I'm still a bit tired but think by Monday I'll be back to normal. Nic and I went for lunch yesterday and caught up on all the news. We managed to fit in another wedding venue beforehand which she says is 'THE ONE'. Now where have I heard that before lol.

Have a great weekend

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

Did you do anything else but eat lol??? Only joking.. and jelaous really .. those beans look ... interesting.. lol.. actually i bet they are quite yummy - i love shelling peas and eating them should give them a try.. if i knew where to buy them lol
I am sure your DH missed you dearly .. and the doggys will be glad you are back !!
Lisa xx

Michelle said...

Welcome home Kerry!!
Good to have you back. Looks like you had a fabulous time.

Michelle :-)

pinky said...

Glad to have you back home you crazy broad lol. I am feeling so sad looking at the pics of your family, must be so hard for you. But normal life will soon take over again and you'll wonder if you were ever away at all.

Rusty said...

Hahaha they only missed you for rubbah!!! ... course Imissed you!! .... I just like being on a wind up! .... you don't half look like your mam! xx

mixamatoasties said...

Welcome home! Susan x

Susan said...

Glad to have you back - look forward to your creations with your new stash Xx

Pami said...

Glad you are back safe and sound Kerry! So sweet that the doggies missed you so much! Some great pictures it is great to see them! Hope you have settled in at home now and done all the washing! Pami x

Sue said...

Glad to hear you had a fab time, loved seeing the pictures :-) I'm sure I've seen somewhere that someone local to me has started growing those , and is the first commercial grower in the UK?? I'll keep my eyes peeled :-) Sue xx