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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Greetings from Naples

We had a lovely day in Cefalu (pronounced Chefalu) yesterday though it was a bit hilly and poor Sadie's knees were knackered by the time we got back to the bus for the trip back to the ship. It took about an hour to get there and it was absolutely gorgeous. The water was a beautiful turquoise. We wanted to go to the Cathedral (apparently there was a wedding on when the other's got there so they could only stay a couple of minutes) but the hill was too steep so we walked to the beach and rested there for a while then made our way to a restaurant for some lunch before heading back to the beach. I took advantage of Sadie having a rest on the beach to take some pictures which I'll post when I get back. It's a wonder people still live in the buildings as they look as if a gust of wind would blow them down! We had a gorgeous limone icecream to cool us down :-D
Today we got the bus to Sorrento which is beautiful too. It's quite scary driving on the windy roads up the mountain then down again into the valley to our destination. The Italians are crazy drivers and there really is no rhyme nor reason to how they drive. Right of way??? What's that?!! We went to the main square where we got to do what we wanted. We had hoped to go to the beach for a bit but it was another local bus ride away and I didn't want to take the chance of getting lost and missing the bus so we just wandered about the markets, had lunch and people watched.
Tomorrow we're berthing in Toulon France where we were told by a waiter last night that they have fantastic markets. We've decided to do this one on it's own so we can have a bit of a lie in. These organized tours get you up at the crack of dawn! Then maybe we can get a couple of hours lying in the sun on the ship.
Catch ya later x

Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to my big Sis Tracey! Hope you have a fab day...your card is in the post!!
I was hoping to post her card as well but I can't get my notebook to work to retrieve the pictures of the cards I took...I'll keep trying though.
Catch ya later x

Friday, 25 June 2010

Smooth Sailing....not!!

Hi there from the middle of the ocean!! I haven't been able to use my notebook so no pictures unfortunately. I had an extremely stressful Wednesday getting the orders out and some were a bit back to front so if you're one of them I am sorry and will fix them when I get back.

Getting on the ship wasn't smooth sailing (sorry!!) Because Sadie is registered blind and has two dodgy knees we were taken a different way off the plane and when we got to the building to register to go on board the ship it turns out my passport wasn't stamped. The girl in Palma airport thought because I came from Scotland I had a UK passport but it's Canadian so I had to get sent back to the airport to get it stamped them come back and register for the ship! I left poor Sadie at the boat until I got back as it would have been too much for her.

We're spending today at sea and tomorrow am arrive in Palermo where we've book an excusion to a Cathedral and the beach! Can't wait.

My time is about to expire so I'd better go before I lose this!

Catch ya later x

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


This is just a quick post for now to let you know I've posted all the orders so hopefully you'll get them very soon. I haven't had a chance to pre-post anything and time is running out but I will try before my head hits the pillow tonight. I am seriously chasing my tail today and if it wasn't for Annette and Susan you wouldn't be getting your stamps!!! They were amazing and I can't thank them enough.....ok that's enough...don't want them getting big heads lololol!!
Right...gotta dig out my suitcase.
Catch ya later x

Pop Princess

We went to see Leona Lewis last night (Tuesday) and I wasn't sure how good a show she would do. There's no doubt she has an amazing voice but she is so shy and speaks so softly. I worried for nothing because she was absolutely brilliant!! She sang some old and some new songs. Her costumes were gorgeous and her backing dancers amazing! We were sitting in the second row (not the back Suzie Q!) middle and I took some sneaking pictures as the security were a bit stroppy about picture taking. I've got them in the wrong order but it's late and I'm too tired to start all over lol. See what you think...

I've a mental day tomorrow...stamps are arriving early and the hired help are arrived at 10am sharp so we should get everything out. Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy your stamps when they arrive. Send me pictures of your finished cards please!
And yes Tams...I might just look for a cheap can send me yours rofl :-D
Catch ya later x

Monday, 21 June 2010

All present and accounted for...

I finally heard from the last winner of the competition all I need is the stamps to send them! I was originally promised the stamps at the beginning of last week then it was the middle, then the end. Then I heard on Friday that they would be shipping to me today and I would get them tomorrow so I was quite happy with that until I called today to confirm only to be told it would be Wednesday before I got them!!! That was going to prove a bit tricky as I'm going away with Sadie on Thursday for a week so now I've been promised I will get them before 9am on Wednesday which gives me the WHOLE day to get the orders bagged and in the post. All I can do is apologize and promise I will get them posted on Wednesday....providing they arrive!
As I mentioned I will be away for a week. You've heard me mention my friend Sadie before, well she wanted to go on holiday but as she's registered blind there is no way she can go on her own. She'd been talking about it for a while and about 2 months ago asked if I would go with her as her companion as she thinks this will be her last holiday (she's 80 this year). I've known Sadie for about 23 years and she's like my wee Scottish mom so I said I would go with her. She's always wanted to go on a cruise for as long as she can remember so that's what she's booked. We fly out in the early of Thursday morning to Palma then set sail at 11:30 that night. Our first stop is Palermo, Sicily then Naples, Italy...Ajaccio, Corsica...Toulon, France...Barcelona, Spain then back to Palma to catch our flight back to Glasgow. We're both extremely excited and it will be quite an experience for both of us! There is internet available on the ship so if I can I will check in with you but in case I can't I'm planning on pre-posting some cards that I've been making. Since he did such a good job the last time I was away, Steven will be in charge of any orders that come in. If you don't hear from me for the week it either means I've jumped overboard or I can't get hooked up to the internet!
I haven't asked Mil and Fil to come and look after the men...figured it was time they started to do that for themselves. I'll stock the fridge and have all the washing and ironing done before I go and since it's only a week I'm sure they'll manage! I only wonder what I'll come back to lol.
Thought you'd like to see another Add-On card, this time using the present.
I love the colours in this MME paper...there are so many possible colour combinations

What a happy chappy lol

Wonder what's inside?? Stamps maybe :-D

I took a notion to change the look of my blog. I had someone do the previous header and background but decided I needed to shake it up a bit. There are a couple of blog sites where you can get free backgrounds and headers and I was playing around with backgrounds from when I got an IM from BFF asking me to check out her blog. She had been doing the same thing but was using cutestblogontheblock! We sat till after midnight changing out backgrounds and getting each other's opinions. I settled on this one from CBOTB...I love it!!! But there isn't a header to match so I still have the one from SB. For a small charge CBOTB will design a header to go with one of their free backgrounds so that's what I'm going to do.

I think that's me up to date for now. Thanks for sticking by while I wasn't blogging. Hope you have a great week.

Catch ya later x

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Four down 2 to go...

I've heard from 4 of yesterdays competition winners and I think they're happy lol. It turns out the grand winner Tinkerbeth is from New York so I'm extremely happy Nikki, Magnum and Robyn will be travelling Stateside and I hope they enjoy their new home :-D I have been promised pictures and will post them as soon as I get them.
I got to play with my new Promarkers today but don't tell's still a bit of a sore point! Hopefully she's too busy working on her new blog to check in here ;-D I placed an order with Angel Crafts yesterday for a few more colours..ok 16 colours..and they arrived today! Don't you just love it when that happens :-D Angela has a great selection...all of them...and great prices. You can bulk buy 10 for £15.95 and you get to pick the colours you want or you can buy them individually for £1.80. Another bonus is postage is FREE!! If you pick the bulk buy option all you do is type in the colours in the comment box when you check out. Easy peasy.
Check out my new EK Success punch .... paws!!!

For a first attempt (I don't count the golfers) I think it went ok. I find I didn't have to try too hard to get them to blend and I don't know if that's because they're juicier than the Copics (maybe mine have been used too much and need replacing??) or they're meant to but I really enjoy colouring with them. Of course it's easier when you have larger areas to cover.

Hmmm...does it look like wood close up?
I'm going to fire the BBQ up now...we've had a lovely warm day here in Glasgow...long may it continue!
Thanks for stopping by.
Catch ya later x

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Results Are In!!!

Ok everyone, are you ready??? Poor Steven...he was barely in the door from work and I grabbed him to pick the winners out of the bowl. I don't know about you but I'm so excited about this...I've got butterflies typing this and I already know who won lol!
Here's all the comments
And Steven's hand going in....

Pulling out the winning comment

And the winner is....

Tinkerbeth!!!! aka Beth...yaaaaaayyyy...Congratulations Beth. If you email me your details to I'll mail ALL 18 of your stamps out to you as soon as they come in.
I said in the last post 'winners' plural. I had so many lovely comments that made me smile and chuckle and I felt bad that there was only one winner so I decided this morning that I would pull another 5 comments out of the bowl and each would win a stamp of their choice from the new release. So if you recognize yourself in the following pictures email me your details and the stamp you would like and I'll get it into the mail to you asap!

Thank you to everyone who left a comment. They were all greatly appreciated and I feel so lucky that you take the time to visit my blog and look at what I do.
Catch ya later x
ps I'm working on a new release so don't be disheartened if you didn't win this time!

Competition results...

....will be announced later. I've just printed off all the comments, folded them and I'm just waiting for someone to come home and pick out the winners. Oops...did I say winners???...was that a typo or have I got something up my sleeve??? Check in later to find out!!!

Catch ya later x

Monday, 14 June 2010

She's only gone and done it....

My BFF Karen has finally done it...she's started her own blog!!! And of course yours truly is her first follower :-D AND not before time! Karen does amazing work and I know you'll have seen it in Cardmaking & Papercraft, Creative Cardmaking and Quick Cards Made Easy. Her blog is called Stamp and Sparkle and she hasn't actually got anything on there just yet as it's only 30 minutes old (as I type) but don't let that stop you adding yourself as a follower. Show her some sparkly love and add yourself so when she makes her first post she'll be surprised! Unless of course she reads this before she goes to bed tonight then it won't be much of a surprise lolololol.
Well done Karen!
Catch ya later x

Father's Day Trio

As I've bored you with before I'm not a lover of making men's cards but it's got to be done. At least with birthdays you only have to do one at a time and if you're lucky they're spread throughout the year. Not with Father's Day! I have to make 3 and preferably all different so that was my big challenge yesterday and today and I've just manage to pull it off.
This card is for my step-dad though I hate calling him that because he's been a real dad to me for about 39 years. I always say that the only steps in my house are the ones going upstairs.

He's been a lover of golf for as long as I've known him and used to play in a lot of tournaments ang bring home trophies on a regular basis. He got my mom hooked on golf too and she's got her fair share of trophies AND a hole in one!! I was talking to my sister Shelly yesterday and she was golfing with my dad on Thursday and she got a hole in one on a par 3!!! She said my dad was so excited because both she and my mom had one even though he didn't lol.
This image was a freebie from Bugaboo and Jodie has a free digital stamp or three each week. I did the sentiment on the computer. After I had printed the image I cut it out with my Nesties then stuck it to a piece of paper 'landscape' then ran it through the printer and voila!

I thought this button was broken but on closer examination it was meant to look like this. It's a bit hard to see through the twine.

This card's for my FIL and he's a keen golfer too.

I've had these little clips from SU Up! buried in my drawer guessed it....ages!! I saw a card recently using one so I dug them out and used it on this card. I think it's super cute!

And finally, this one's for my dad. He's not into golf at all but does love his hockey.

My colouring of the peanut is a bit 'un-peanut like' but I've never coloured one before lol. Now if I had of downloaded the Soccer nut I could have done what
Jeannie did! Jeannie is so clever and I LOVE her work :-D
I'm off to Zumba tonight and I'm really looking forward it. Then there's the class in the morning and I'd like to think that after 4 sessions I might have gained some kind of rhythm and coordination lol. Wish me luck!
Catch ya later x

Pre-order new Nikki's, Robyn and Magnum and a competition!

Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win the entire June Release. That's 18 stamps valued at £117! Competition closes Monday June 14th...remember... if you're not in you can't win!
I've posted all the new releases on my website for pre-order at the special price of £5.50 up to and including June 14th. I'll keep you updated as to when they'll be ready to the moment I'm looking at 17th/18th June.
This post will stay at the top so make sure you scroll down to see the newest posts!

Last Chance

Morning! Hope you all had a great weekend. This is just a quick post to remind you that today's the last day to pre-order the June release AND leave a comment to WIN the new release. I'll be back later with another post. Good luck !

Saturday, 12 June 2010

I've created a monster!

Susan (of CB Noah's Ark fame - poodles Starskey, Hutch & Miley) came over this afternoon for some card making lessons. As well as flowers (my favourite - tulips), wine (the best money can buy!), Mocha Skinny and a banana (don't ask!) she brought loads of enthusiasm! After a quick bite of lunch we got stuck in. I had a couple of the make and takes left over from the last crop so we started with that...Susan hasn't made a card in her life and I throw her in at the deep end lol. She got the hang of my snot gun pretty quickly and everything went according to plan. Next was the card...actually stamping and cutting etc. Her SIL is expecting twins (that's another card Susie!) in September and it's her birthday soon so this is the fantastic card she made for her....
How appropriate is Expecting Nikki for this card :-D Everything was done by Susan with just a smidge of guidance from me.

Love Nikki's sparkly jacket!!
We both really enjoyed the day and by the end Susan had caught the bug. I sent her home with a trimmer, snot gun, my box of Nikki stamps, cs, pp, 3D foam pads, a ruler, scoring tool and mat, Stazon ink pad, water crayons and a water brush!! I had a few texts tonight including pictures of a card she'd made for her mom. As she said herself, she felt like a kid in a toystore lol.
If she's still hooked by Monday I told her I'd take her to Craft World...think she better bring her credit card!!
I started on my Father's Day cards tonight...I've 3 to make and I've got most of the base card done. All I have left to do is colour the images and decide which Nesties I want to use and then I'll get them mailed on Monday as 2 are going to Canada and one to Ireland. I'll give you a peek at them tomorrow.
It's been a busy old day and I'm knackered so I'm heading out with the dogs then to bed. I'm meeting Susan at CB in the doubt we'll be talking cs, pp, glitter........
Thanks Susie...I had a great day :-D
Catch ya later x

Friday, 11 June 2010

Dum Dum...Dumdum.....(that's the wedding march if you didn't know!)

I didn't get ANY crafting done today. My time seems to be taken up with the computer these last few weeks and of course all my 'mom, wife, cook, cleaner etc' duties but I did manage to make a card for Hayley who is getting married tomorrow!!

I wanted the card to be all white with a lot of sparkle. Unfortunately you can't see the twinkle of all the Swarovski crystals I used. Every flower of the dress has a tiny AB crystal and then there's all the rest. As usual my photography skills don't do anything for this card but IRL it was lovely.

One third of Noah's Ark (the poodles) is coming over tomorrow for a play day. This could be very interesting because as far as I know Susan has never made a card in her life!! So it's going to be back to basics for me showing her how it's all done. She's coming at 1pm and she'll either hate it (shock horror) or love it and stay for dinner and play into the night. Hmmm...I might just get the spare room sparkled up just in case lol!

I'm off to do a little project for me and Nicole...I'll show it to you tomorrow :-D

Hope you all have a great weekend. Don't forget to leave a comment to win all the gorgeous stamps in the June release (I know...broken record!).

Catch ya later x

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Where am I???

I'm here!!! No I didn't Zumba myself away though can I tell you I loved, loved, LOVED it! So much so I went to a class the very next morning :-D Monday night was a laugh and a half. It was in a hall near to where I live and I met Elaine and Alison there. There must have been 100 people there for the class I kid you not. Just as well there was a stage for the instructor to do her thing otherwise I would have been a lot worse than I was! I learned 3 things about myself that night 1) I'm not as coordinated as I thought 2) I've got 2 left feet 3) I've no natural rhythm!! And do you know who I blame? The Judy....yup that's right...I blame my mom because she let me climb trees, ride my bike for hours, play softball for 10 years, rollerskate up and down the back lane and play kick the can (remember that one??!!) with the neighbourhood kids instead of making me go to tap, ballet, modern, jazz and Zumba!!! I should have been wearing a tutu instead of a baseball glove lol. Anyway we got through it glowing like the stars we are heehee and now I'm hooked. There was a class straight after ours and if I had of brought another £4 with me I would have done that one too. The class on Tuesday was in her studio which was lovely and had a whole wall of mirrors which wasn't so lovely! In contrast to the night before there was only 10 of us there which gave me plenty of room to go the opposite way to which everyone else was going lol. I kinda tucked myself against the back wall until two stragglers came in and to my horror I found myself directly behind the instructor! I did try hard...maybe I tried to hard to get it right. I fixed my eyes on her shimming hips and fancy footwork to make sure I was in time with everyone else but it was no use...I ended up making up my own steps hoping she wouldn't notice but I think she did because at one point she slowed her steps right down and I'm sure it was for my sake lmao. After the class I went up to her and asked how long it should take before I got it right and she assured me I'd be flying in a couple of weeks and that there were only 4 steps that were repeated over and over. Four steps??? Four??? I told her I thought there were at least 100 but then I did make some up as I went along! My lack of coordination isn't going to stop me and I'll be there with Elaine and Alison on Monday night 7pm sharp!
I've had a stressful couple of days trying to get a decent picture of myself for an upcoming article. I know you probably think I'm exaggerating but I'm not. All I can say is thank god for digital cameras so we can delete, delete, delete! Trying to get my 'best' side was frustrating and I emailed BFF to tell her I'd come to the conclusion my best side had to be my backside because the face shots weren't working! I thought I had a good one last night, sent it to BFF and showed it to Pierce and Ryan only to be told 'I've seen better ones of you'. WTH???? Well, you might as well told me I was grounded from making cards for a month because that put me in a right mood. I guess you're thinking I'm sounding like I'm 2 instead of 46 and you're probably right but I'm guessing there was a full moon last night or something lol. Today's photo shoot wasn't much better but I did manage to finally get an 'ok' one. The reason I was trying so hard was because there was an article of me in last months Quick Cards Made Easy 'Quick Chat'. That was one of the reasons I left town lol (only kidding)...the picture was horrendous. I was told it was going to be a small picture but it was huge and the angle I took it at made me look like a horse so there was NO WAY I was putting it in this next one. I even gave them my permission to airbrush the picture to the max but it was obvious they ignored me. I've used the final picture up top so you can let me know what you think....please be kind and I promise cheques will be in the post for any positive comments lol.
Enough of that...just trying to make up for missing the last few days ;-D
I finally got to use my Promarkers but still not to their full potential. I wanted to show you another add-on for Magnum and there's not a lot of colouring in it so I did what I could. Here's Magnum with his 'bestest friend' Lily...
I guess Magnum got over being scared of Lily. I found this paper in one of my's MME from the Asparagus range. I love MME...the quality and texture is fantastic.

What do you think of my colouring? Now don't expect too much just yet because this is the first time I've used them properly and they are slightly different to Copics which I've just about got the hang of and I've had them for a couple of years! Promarkers seem juicier than the Copics and you don't seem to have to blend them the same way. Promarkers are cheaper than I said at the Corn Exchange the packs were £4.90 for 5 and £1.80 for individual ones. Copics are £2.25 each and a heck of a lot more for a pack although you get more than 5. I think it's good to have a variety of colouring mediums though when BFF read that I had bought Promarkers (Karen's Copic certified) I did hear the slight disbelief/disgust in her voice when it came up in our conversation the other day!
I plan on having a proper play with them tomorrow so hopefully I'll have something to show you. Sorry for being so long winded tonight...guess I'm feeling a bit guilty for the lack of posts this week.
Thanks for sticking with me and keep those comments coming for your chance to win the whole she-bang! I'm loving your little stories. Oh,just want to say hi Aunty Sue...thanks joining in and for your lovely comment :-D
Catch ya later x
ps Remember, Monday is the last day to pre-order the new release at the lower price of £5.50

Monday, 7 June 2010

Rumba Zumba

Guess where Elaine, Alison and I are off to tonight? Clue is in the, not Rumba but Zumba! For some mad reason I said I wanted to go. Alison has been and says it's great fun and my BFF Karen does it and she loves it so hopefully I'll make it through and be able to report in tomorrow lol!!!
Thought I'd show you another Magnum Add-On. I wasn't able to put the sentiment on as my printer ran out of ink, grrrr, but will put it on tomorrow.

I wonder who Magnum is giving his heart to??? Could it be little Lily perhaps?

Time is short tonight...dinner needs to go on and then I've got to psyche myself up for this class!!
Catch ya later x

Sunday, 6 June 2010

What a difference a day makes

Compared to yesterday, today was pretty drab. The clouds barely broke all day and although it didn't rain (apart from the odd drop) it was a 'non' day. I was going to take the dogs to CB this morning but at the last minuted decided to take them to the beach at Troon. We haven't been there since last summer and they love chasing the ball into the water.
It's funny what you find on a beach though....

You can almost see Rocky shaking with anticipation...waiting for me to throw the ball!

A pretty 'dreak' day but we had a great time. We walked for about an hour and a half, me throwing the ball and them chasing it. Rocky won the race most of the time but Ruby sure gave him a run for her dog biscuits lol. After I de-sanded them as much as I could I headed to the Spar and grabbed myself a Tim Horton's coffee....mmmmmmmmmmm mmmm good :-D
The rest of the day was spent ironing. In all my excitement at having the boys back I forgot what that meant....loads of washing and ironing, an untidy house and a whisker filled bathroom sink with water spots on the mirror!!!
I didn't get any crafting done though I did have a quick play with my Promarker's while I waited for everyone to get ready to go out for dinner. I grabbed one of my Bugaboo images I had printed off and coloured it in pretty quick but I think I need an image with larger areas to colour as you can't really see the effects of the colouring so I'll do something tomorrow when I have more time. Beth....I'll let you know what I think of the Promarker's vs Copics then :-D
I'm off to walk the dogs then hit the hay...hope you've had a great weekend.
Catch ya later x

Saturday, 5 June 2010

The boys Are Back In Town...Sunshiney Day...Retail Therapy....Spellbound Rock!

Sorry for all the many things going on today I couldn't make up my mind which one to use so used them all!
First off my babies arrived home safe and sound this morning. I can't tell you how happy I was to see them once they finally woke up. I love this picture of them...

What a gorgeous day we had... I think the temperature hit 25 degrees which is amazing for Scotland! There was supposed to be 5 of us at the crop today but unfortunately Annette and Agnes had to call off due to illness so it was just Elaine, Alison and moi. We took an executive decision to make the make and take then head on through to Edinburgh to the Corn Exchange for the craft show. I was really surprised at how many stands there were because the last couple of years saw a bit of a decline in numbers.

I am in the middle of planning my new craft room and will be getting rid of A LOT of stuff that is just taking up space and waiting for that 'I knew I needed it' moment. I really am a hoarder and my room is getting smaller and smaller so with this in mind I really was restrained in my purchases. I didn't have a list as such but I wanted to check out the Pro Markers that seem to be taking the crafting world by storm. They seem to be everywhere at the moment and giving Copics a bit of a run for their money. Alison spotted a stand that was selling them for £4.90 per pack!!! They all seem to be averaging £7.95 so we were in Pro Marker heaven lol. The three of us ended up with a few packs each and I bought some single colours at another stand to compliment the ones I bought. I bought a Bigz die from The Craft Bug and some ink pads from Snazzy's and that was it!!! Very unusual for me...I spent just over £50 whereas in the past it was more like £200-£300! Does that mean there's something wrong with me??? I saw some fab little pots to hold my crystals that I meant to get on our 2nd round but forgot so will have to wait for the SECC in October.

Did you watch the BGT final? amazing were Spellbound? They are super talented and I could watch them all night. I also loved Twist and Pulse, Tobias Mead (do you see a theme here?) and Kieran. This is one of my favourite shows and wonder what I'll find to watch now...surely not Big Brother???!!!

So that's all I have to report for tonight. I'll be having a play with my Promarkers tomorrow and if I'm happy with the results I'll post my efforts. Keep those comments coming for your chance to win the June release (sorry for sounding like a broken record!) and thanks for stopping by.

Catch ya later x

Friday, 4 June 2010

Lucky escape!

TGIF everyone!!! Hope everyone's having a nice sunny and WARM day like we're having in Glasgow. It's absolutely gorgeous out there which is why I'm going to be quick so I can enjoy it for a bit before I get settled into working again.
Sadie and I went out last night as we ususally do on our Thursday nights. We went to Costco first and then headed to The Fort for a browse and a cuppa. Everything was going really well and we were on the motorway heading to The Fort when the car in front of me 'spat' something from under it's car and into the path of mine. I didn't really have time to react so thought the safest option to do was go over it but as I did there was a terrible noise coming from my car. Poor Sadie isn't the calmest of people at the best of times and has quite a nervous disposition (well afterall she is almost 80) and she got into a bit of a state. I pulled over to the side, got out when safe and checked under my car. There was a piece of metal stuck to the under carriage. Cars were whizzing by me so I decided if I drove off the piece of metal would fall off. The Fort was only a couple of minutes away so I headed there and parked in the nearest carpark got out and had a proper look. The piece of metal was actually embedded into the under-carriage.
Here it is...all 2 1/2 feet of it!!

This is the bit that had pierced the tray.

I called the breakdown service and they came within half an hour. It only took Mr RAC seconds to dislodge it (he said it was a piece of trim from a bus!) and he assured me that there was no damage to anything important and it was fine to drive the car. Well thank goodness for that because I really don't think Sadie would have been up for driving in one of those big tow trucks lol! Joking aside I think we were extremely lucky. It could easily have been thrown up into the windscreen and hit one of us in the head.

Enough of that though and onto something more cheery :-D Because I've been so busy making samples of the new release I totally forgot about the make and take for tomorrow's crop and there's no way I could have turned up with nothing for the girls. Luckily I had seen this notecard folder on Chic'n Scratch Live the other day when I was blurfing and thought it would be perfect!

I just love this paper from Basic Grey. Of course it's got my favourite green in it which I teamed it up with SU!'s Kiwi Kiss cs and ribbon. I've had the ribbon (2 rolls) for ages (probably 2 years!) and it finally got it's debut. See, I KNEW I needed it lol.

The set I saw was monogramed but thought I would make it simpler for everyone.

The cards are just single pieces and don't hinge open. This was very easy to make and I think it makes a lovely gift to give anyone.
Right, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine before it goes away. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend. Don't forget to leave a comment to win the whole June Release of 18 stamps worth £117!!
Catch ya later x
ps The boys are home tomorrow...I can't wait to see them. Hopefully they won't be too worse for wear lol.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Comments galore

There's nothing like a competition to get comments on my blog...I should have done this ages ago lol. Now that's no disrespect to those who commented before I posted the competition...all of you are very much appreciated! But it's nice to see new ones...especially my cousin Colette all the way in Langley, BC!! Hello Colette... and yes I would love to see the Ruby card you made Christina for her birthday :-D

Thank you so much for your comments. I love reading your stories about your stuffed animals though your comment doesn't have to be about them...just anything. By the sounds of it, it's been a trip down memory lane for some of you :-D

There's still loads of time to leave a comment and I know there's more of you out there that stop by cuz my feedjit thingamajig tells me so! I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't want to win something...even if you don't want the stamps for yourself, they would make a great present/s for someone :-D

Anywho, onto today's sample. Here's me umm I mean Rollerskating Robyn doing her thing! Another one of my childhood activities but of course I didn't have fancy skates like Robyn's with crystal wheels! Mine were the metal ones you got when you were five and were still wearing when you were 10 because they came with a key and you could make them bigger lol.

This card was a bit of a happy accident. I made the base for another image a month or so ago but didn't like it. Of course we crafters don't throw anything out and brought it out when I started colouring this one. Another favourite colour combo of mine is pink and orange. It shouldn't work but it does. Does anyone have the Brilliance Aurora stamp pad...the one with yellow, orange and pink(ish)? Love it!!! Sorry...back to the card.....where was I .... Oh yeah...happy accident etc. I had put the other image on the card and took it off leaving some sticky fixer (foam pad) residue that I couldn't get off and the only way I could get away with using it was turning it so the knot was on the bottom instead of the right hand side. I really like the way it turned out. I wanted a specific sentiment but it wasn't working out so I left it blank for now. That's something coming at a later date!!

One of the comments on yesterday's post was from Beth sanctioning my use of glitter...phew!

Love her pink glittered top and Swarovski crystal detail :-D

Aaahhhhhh.... those crystal wheels!! (nicer IRL)

I'm off to see Sadie tonight so I'd better get dinner started. Don't forget to leave a comment to win the June release!
Catch ya later x