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Friday, 4 June 2010

Lucky escape!

TGIF everyone!!! Hope everyone's having a nice sunny and WARM day like we're having in Glasgow. It's absolutely gorgeous out there which is why I'm going to be quick so I can enjoy it for a bit before I get settled into working again.
Sadie and I went out last night as we ususally do on our Thursday nights. We went to Costco first and then headed to The Fort for a browse and a cuppa. Everything was going really well and we were on the motorway heading to The Fort when the car in front of me 'spat' something from under it's car and into the path of mine. I didn't really have time to react so thought the safest option to do was go over it but as I did there was a terrible noise coming from my car. Poor Sadie isn't the calmest of people at the best of times and has quite a nervous disposition (well afterall she is almost 80) and she got into a bit of a state. I pulled over to the side, got out when safe and checked under my car. There was a piece of metal stuck to the under carriage. Cars were whizzing by me so I decided if I drove off the piece of metal would fall off. The Fort was only a couple of minutes away so I headed there and parked in the nearest carpark got out and had a proper look. The piece of metal was actually embedded into the under-carriage.
Here it is...all 2 1/2 feet of it!!

This is the bit that had pierced the tray.

I called the breakdown service and they came within half an hour. It only took Mr RAC seconds to dislodge it (he said it was a piece of trim from a bus!) and he assured me that there was no damage to anything important and it was fine to drive the car. Well thank goodness for that because I really don't think Sadie would have been up for driving in one of those big tow trucks lol! Joking aside I think we were extremely lucky. It could easily have been thrown up into the windscreen and hit one of us in the head.

Enough of that though and onto something more cheery :-D Because I've been so busy making samples of the new release I totally forgot about the make and take for tomorrow's crop and there's no way I could have turned up with nothing for the girls. Luckily I had seen this notecard folder on Chic'n Scratch Live the other day when I was blurfing and thought it would be perfect!

I just love this paper from Basic Grey. Of course it's got my favourite green in it which I teamed it up with SU!'s Kiwi Kiss cs and ribbon. I've had the ribbon (2 rolls) for ages (probably 2 years!) and it finally got it's debut. See, I KNEW I needed it lol.

The set I saw was monogramed but thought I would make it simpler for everyone.

The cards are just single pieces and don't hinge open. This was very easy to make and I think it makes a lovely gift to give anyone.
Right, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine before it goes away. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend. Don't forget to leave a comment to win the whole June Release of 18 stamps worth £117!!
Catch ya later x
ps The boys are home tomorrow...I can't wait to see them. Hopefully they won't be too worse for wear lol.


Donna said...

OMG how dangerous! You were really lucky that it went under your car!

The note cards are lovely and as you say, would make a lovely gift x

mixamatoasties said...

Wow - lucky escape. Glad you, Sadie and the car are all ok!

Gorgeous notecards.

Susan xx

Sue Upson said...

OMG! How scary! Glad you are OK though. Love these notecards - would make a great gift xx

Lyndsey Marie said...

OMG you were lucky, I think I would have been trumatised lol!!!. Love this little gift idea, great idea for one of my classes I think !!
Lyndsey xx

Lynn said...

So sorry I missed this make n take! It is gorgeous!!! Would have made perfect teacher presents... this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I would like the kids in my class to give me!

Tinkerbeth said...

Wow! So glad your car wasn't damaged!

I love this idea! Maybe I will try to adapt it to one of my Nikki stamps as an elementary school graduation gift for my daughter and her classmate!

Hayley @ Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn said...

These are fab Kerry!!! I love love love the colours!!! Gosh I can't wait to have some time to sit down and do some crafting! x