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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Comments galore

There's nothing like a competition to get comments on my blog...I should have done this ages ago lol. Now that's no disrespect to those who commented before I posted the competition...all of you are very much appreciated! But it's nice to see new ones...especially my cousin Colette all the way in Langley, BC!! Hello Colette... and yes I would love to see the Ruby card you made Christina for her birthday :-D

Thank you so much for your comments. I love reading your stories about your stuffed animals though your comment doesn't have to be about them...just anything. By the sounds of it, it's been a trip down memory lane for some of you :-D

There's still loads of time to leave a comment and I know there's more of you out there that stop by cuz my feedjit thingamajig tells me so! I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't want to win something...even if you don't want the stamps for yourself, they would make a great present/s for someone :-D

Anywho, onto today's sample. Here's me umm I mean Rollerskating Robyn doing her thing! Another one of my childhood activities but of course I didn't have fancy skates like Robyn's with crystal wheels! Mine were the metal ones you got when you were five and were still wearing when you were 10 because they came with a key and you could make them bigger lol.

This card was a bit of a happy accident. I made the base for another image a month or so ago but didn't like it. Of course we crafters don't throw anything out and brought it out when I started colouring this one. Another favourite colour combo of mine is pink and orange. It shouldn't work but it does. Does anyone have the Brilliance Aurora stamp pad...the one with yellow, orange and pink(ish)? Love it!!! Sorry...back to the card.....where was I .... Oh yeah...happy accident etc. I had put the other image on the card and took it off leaving some sticky fixer (foam pad) residue that I couldn't get off and the only way I could get away with using it was turning it so the knot was on the bottom instead of the right hand side. I really like the way it turned out. I wanted a specific sentiment but it wasn't working out so I left it blank for now. That's something coming at a later date!!

One of the comments on yesterday's post was from Beth sanctioning my use of glitter...phew!

Love her pink glittered top and Swarovski crystal detail :-D

Aaahhhhhh.... those crystal wheels!! (nicer IRL)

I'm off to see Sadie tonight so I'd better get dinner started. Don't forget to leave a comment to win the June release!
Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

That card would be perfect for me lol. I used to roller skate eery wednesday and sunday at the local sports centre... even had a pair of white leather boots ... i thought was Jayne Torvill on
wheels lol!!
Fab image
Lisa ;)

Sue Upson said...

LOL I had skates like you did too! My friends and I used to make our parents take us to a roller disco on Saturday mornings (can you have a disco in the morning? Surely it's not a disco until night time, otherwise it's just music :-)) ahhh... youth of today, have it sooo easy! Sue xx

Lyndsey Marie said...

Awww !!! such a cute image. Another great image, another fab card. Love the pink & orange colour combo too. Love this image though - Abbie just had her 1st pair of skates for her birthday and they are the one you can make bigger although they are a lovely pink & yellow !!!
Lyndsey xx

Melissa said...

This turned out sooo cute! I love the little jewels and glitter on the girl. Very cute!

Tinkerbeth said...

Robyn is so adorable! Makes me want to take the kids and go rollerblading! Unfortunately, It's very windy and cold for June here in upstate NY! Our dog Copper will be lucky to get a good walk! Just love these new stamps, and I love the bright colors that the Robyn stamps inspire!