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Friday, 25 June 2010

Smooth Sailing....not!!

Hi there from the middle of the ocean!! I haven't been able to use my notebook so no pictures unfortunately. I had an extremely stressful Wednesday getting the orders out and some were a bit back to front so if you're one of them I am sorry and will fix them when I get back.

Getting on the ship wasn't smooth sailing (sorry!!) Because Sadie is registered blind and has two dodgy knees we were taken a different way off the plane and when we got to the building to register to go on board the ship it turns out my passport wasn't stamped. The girl in Palma airport thought because I came from Scotland I had a UK passport but it's Canadian so I had to get sent back to the airport to get it stamped them come back and register for the ship! I left poor Sadie at the boat until I got back as it would have been too much for her.

We're spending today at sea and tomorrow am arrive in Palermo where we've book an excusion to a Cathedral and the beach! Can't wait.

My time is about to expire so I'd better go before I lose this!

Catch ya later x


Donna said...

Ooh what a palarva!! Glad you got there OK in the end! Hope you have a great time at the Cathedral and the beach. It's really sunny here in Nottingham today and we're in for a great weekend! I've posted 2 cards made with my new Nikki and Magnum. Check them out when you get back xx

Rusty said...

Oh no what a nightmare!!! .... hope you have a great time for the rest of your holiday ... as for the notebook.... you should grab yourself an iPad! haha! Thanks so much for my beautiful stamps, they arrived safely yesterday! no playing for me yet though as my OH is home for the weekend! x