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Monday, 31 August 2009

Driech driech driech....

Not sure if I spelled that right...I'm not too up on my spelling of Scottish words! Hands up who's sick of the Scottish weather....thought too. It is not hair friendly weather that's for sure. I don't know why I bother to straighten my hair when it's like this...all that pulling, smoothing and frazzling for nothing! The first thing my hairdresser always says to me is 'have you been using your straightens much?' Now I'm not sure if he's just starting conversation or trying to trick me because he MUST know by looking at it that I have!!

I had lunch with a good friend of mine today. I always have a laugh when I'm with her...she and her husband are hysterically funny when they're together...almost like a double act LOL. Her son's girlfriend was expecting and her due date was last Sunday...she's had loads of twinges but they never came to anything. When my friend arrived she announced her future daughter in-law was in 'real' labour which was so exciting. Every time her phone beeped, vibrated, whatever we'd jump thinking the baby had arrived. Well it hadn't by the time we parted company but I got a text earlier this evening to say that her grandson had arrived safely weighing a hefty 8lbs 14oz...mother and baby doing well!!! I felt a bit of a pang as I'm only a couple of years younger than my friend and I think this is such an exciting new chapter in all their lives. So much love and congratulations to all of you!

Now on to my card. I managed to get a half decent picture today. The lighting was only marginally better as it was so dull outside. Also I don't think acetate photographs very well. I haven't decided if or what sentiment I'm going to put on the front. Sometimes I look at it and think I like it as it is then

I think it looks a little bare. I love the look of acetate cards as long as you keep the finger prints to a minimum LOL. I used my new Elzybells Whipped Cream Hybrid Inkpad for the snowflakes...unfortunately my photography doesn't lend to how bright the white is.

I love the penguin...he's just so cute and very clever being able to juggle 4 snowballs LOL. Another easy image to colour with my Prisma pencils, stumps and Sansador.

Rocky and Ruby are in Doggy Daycare tomorrow so I hope to be extremely productive. I'd like to finish the various Christmas cards I've started, make another couple of Nikki cards to show you and a wedding card for my friend Nadia's daughter's wedding on Saturday which I have been invited to. I'll be going solo as Ryan has a game and Pierce won't miss any of his games if there's a chance Ryan could be playing. Kilmarnock are playing Rangers at home so it's a pretty big game. The last time Ryan played against them was a few seasons ago and believe it or not he was man of the match!!! Hopefully the manager will give him the chance to make it a double : )

I've set myself quite a challenge and hopefully I'll be able to tell you tomorrow that I've completed my task.

Catch ya later x

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Nobody puts Baby in the corner...

Did anyone watch Dirty Dancing this afternoon? I was flicking through the channels as I was ironing and it was just starting...I love this's one I can easily watch over and over. Perfect to help me get through my piles of ironing : )

I promised a card after my first post today but I'm not happy with the way it's photographing so I'm going to try again tomorrow during the day.

Catch ya later x

Too pooped to post!!

You'd think I had run a marathon yesterday instead of crafting for 8 hours!! I was so tired by the time I got home last night it was all I could to to watch the X factor (wasn't Jamie Afro fab!) take the dogs a walk and go to my bed.

We had a great day of crafting, talking, laughing, crafting, eating, talking, crafting, talking, laughing...well you get the idea LOL. There were only 4 of us as a few girls were on their hols or otherwise engaged. The only good think about that was we were able to spread out and had loads more room to make a mess....I mean craft!

We started off with the make & take... I'm a bit worried I'm going a bit overkill with calendars as this is our 3rd one LOL but I think you can never have enough calendars in your life! I borrowed the idea from Heart Prints though I changed it from lying flat to standing. I love the Gorjuss Girls images ...
they colour up so easily and are pretty darn cute! I cut 4" x 4" chipboard then covered with Carolees Stitched Denim Flower pp...rounded the corners with my BIA corner rounder (blue one), sanded the edges, punched 2 holes with my Crop-a-dile at the top of each corner being sure to do the back at the same time. I tied the white grosgrain ribbon around the lower end of the 'coaster' and tied the two pieces together with thinner grosgrain ribbon. I stamped 'happiness' from SU! in black Stazon and stuck the calendar near the top right corner. I decided to introduce another colour to the Gorjuss Girl and what other colour is there but pink LOL!!! I used my Prisma pencils, stumps and Sansador to colour her in and stuck her down with dimensionals so it looks like she's sitting on the ribbon. I think that's could I forget...I glittered up her tights and bow on her dress!

After the m & t we worked on our own things...2 of us made cards, one a perpetual calendar we had made a couple of months ago that I haven't was in my pre-blogging days (will post it soon as it's pretty cool) and another worked on her scrapbook. Quite a mix as usually I'm out-numbered by scrapbookers! I managed to colour in 5 of the snowball images and get the pp and ribbon on the card bases. My wonderful postman Steve went beyond the call of duty when I told him I was expecting a parcel and it didn't arrive as expected on Friday. He rearranged his whole route to deliver it on Saturday before I left for the's that for great service?? He obviously knows what I'm like ... many a time has been laiden down with parcels for me...once he even had them piled in a crate to save him several trips back to his van LOL. Oh the memories....

I brought my little package with me just in case I finished everything else....well I didn't but my goodies were desperate to see the light and it would have been extremely rude if I didn't show the girls : ) Elizabeth at Elzybells got some new products on Thursday and one of them was white ink pads. Now I know that doesn't sound very exciting but these white ink pads are fantastic....they are the brightest whitest ink pads I have ever used and believe me I've used a lot. There's one for card and one for acetate and shiny card. I was desperate to try the one for acetate and can I tell does what it says on the tin... the ink is so white and vibrant and dries almost instantly. Check them out for yourself I've still to put finishing touches to the card but I'll try and post it later.

You know that pile of ironing I had the other day...well I finished that and now it's back again!! A woman's work is never done. I'm off to tackle it so I can play after dinner.

Hope you've had a good weekend,

Catch ya later x

Friday, 28 August 2009 headline???

I was having a bit of a gander at my blog and I realized I'd missed not one but TWO headlines!! What was I thinking??? Actually I remember that I couldn't think of anything witty or clever so I was going to come back to it. Note to self...don't try so hard lol.

Anywho, another mixed day...back to the Braes with the dogs. I'll tell you a little of my favourite things about going away on holiday is not having to take the dogs a walk!! Shock horror to those that know I adore my dogs but I am the primary carer (even though they're Ryan's dogs) and it does take a big chunk out of my day. Being Boxer's they have a lot of energy...especially Rocky I feel they need at least one decent walk a day and that's why I head out to CB. They can run off the lead and there's no worry of Rocky chasing football's or really anything that rolls!!! I've had a few nasty moments at Rouken Glen and now steer clear. I usually take them for a good hour in the morning (apart from a Tuesday when they go to Doggy Daycare yeah!!) and while it's still light enough I'll take them again after dinner. I suppose it's a good workout for me so I shouldn't really complain!

I worked on the make and take for tomorrow's crop...I can't post it tonight because I don't want the girls to see it just yet...but I will tomorrow. I sent a pic of it to my BFF Karen and she loved it so that makes 2 of us : ) I've also decided I'm not decanting my entire workroom and have been very strict with myself. I've stamped out 2 images...both Christmas... packed all the necessary bits to go with them and that's it!! There is still time to slip something else in my bags before I head off in the morning though LOL.

This is one of the cards I'll be making tomorrow...the other is the snowman I previously posted. I have a thing about snowmen...I {heart} them!! I know these are snowballs but if you put them on top of each other you have a snowman LOL. I have loved this image for such a long time but could never get my hands on the stamp. Then I discovered I could order direct from Whipper Snapper and the postage was really reasonable. You also have a choice of wood mounted, foam mounted or just plain rubber which cuts the cost down too. I finally bought it but it's sat in my drawer for MONTHS until today when I finally inked it up. I've done a bit of sewing, glittering and glossy accenting...I love all the textures.

So that's it for tonight...better check my bag just in case I've forgotten something (wink)

Catch ya later x

Thursday, 27 August 2009

After the excitement of yesterday, today turned out to be a non kind of day, if you know what I mean. I had loads to do but felt like I was on a hamster wheel going round in circles. Started by taking the dogs a walk then dropping off a card a friend had ordered, shopped for food, came home, hung out the wash, vacuumed, hung out more wash, had some lunch (even though by this time it was 3pm!), did a bit of computer work (that's another word for blog hopping lol) then finally got down to creating the make and take for the crop on Saturday. Got that finished, had my dinner then visited my friend Sadie who I see every Thursday night. She's 79 this year and is like a surrogate mom to me. She's quite a character and sometimes drives me up the wall but she has a heart of gold and we do have a good time together. Tonight she wanted to go to Asda to change her coins in the Coin Star machine lol!!! Things like that make her happy so who am I to deny her her simple pleasures??

This is my last Nikki sample...I'm going to have to get my skates on and make some more. I think this is a great birthday image and she seems very happy with her presents lol. I coloured her with my Copics, added a bit of stitching to the Basic Grey pp, SU! ribbon and a bit of glitter...a card is not a card without glitter or some kind of bling!

I'm afraid my chat isn't up to much might be the thought of taking the dogs out in this horrendous weather that has just whipped up! Hopefully I'll have more to tell you and some more samples to show off.

Until then, I'll catch ya later x

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Did I tell you I was going to Fee's today? LOL...I know I told you but I couldn't resist rubbing it in a little. We had a great day and why wouldn't we? We were doing what we love ... crafting : ) I'd like to say we had total peace but we both had phone calls and text messages...note to time turn off phone!!

We were both excited about the projects we created...and no wonder...I think we excelled ourselves this time ... nothing like blowing your own horn huh lol. It's actually official that this is the best project I have ever done cuz my DH said so...and you know men are ALWAYS right (wink).

This is Fee's little fab is this! A gorgeous picnic gift bag. And again she worked it out all herself. It was a bit tricky at times with the angles but I think it turned out really well though I did suggest she forget the angles in any future projects lol. The combination of the peach and navy cs is gorgeous...there's pp on the top of the lid which compliments the cs nicely. I actually took the liberty to use my i-top to make a brad for the centre of the know how I love that thing. I used the same pp used for the lid. But that's not all folks...could it get any better??? Hell yeah...look what's inside....
I think she's trying to fatten me up...first shortbread now cupcakes and muffins!!! You can just see the pp under the mountain of goodies : ) Apart from food lol, you can easily use the box for any little gift you might want to give someone.

Now on to my little offering...I had this in my head for AGES thinking I would do it for my next workshop in September. I really shouldn't post it before we've done it but I'm hoping if the girls see it now they'll definitely sign up. It all came together when I was walking the dogs yesterday and couldn't wait to come home and get started.

What do you think so far? Can you work out what it is apart from a book? The clue is in the image...'s an address book! Maybe not exciting to some but I'm just so happy with the way it turned out. Fee really liked it too...I think the stroking was a bit ott though lol.

Here are some closeups of the details...I love her glittered pillow and top. I bought the little finding on the telephone on ebay after loving the one my BFF Karen put on the card she sent me in a previous post but silly me...they were far too small for a brad. I put them to the side till I thought of something to do with them...normally I would have put a crystal on the phone but the spacer's caught my eye, a light bulb went on and there you go. I think it looks it was made for it. I knew I NEEDED them and now I've proved myself right LOLOLOL.
I hope you like both our I've got to get the thinking cap on again for next month's one! I have an idea forming so watch this space.
I'm off to try and make a dent in my's been neglected for ages and it's taking on a life of it's own!
Thanks for popping in... catch ya later x

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Off to Fee's I go...

Tomorrow is the last Tuesday of the month...have I confused you?? I know it's not because it's really today but Fee had a prior engagement so Wednesday is the new Tuesday this month lol. I had planned to do one of the projects I did last month but for some reason I showed it to Fee the last time she was here so decided at the last minute to do something else. And where do I do my best thinking? Cathkin Braes of course and when did I do this thinking? This morning!!! Talk about last minute Sally lol. I did manage to get my project together this afternoon and it got the seal of approval from Pierce when he came in from work tonight. Will post both projects tomorrow.

Thought I'd show you another Nikki card. I love this's so simple but stunning when coloured and glittered up. I used my new Martha Stewart punch for the border and my i-tops for the brad.

A close up of Nikki.

I've got an early start tomorrow. I have to take Ruby and Rocky to Doggy Daycare before I head off to Fee's. I'll pick up our favourite apple and cinnamon scones from my favourite deli in Clarkston and of course a large cappucino for me for the long drive. Gotta keep the sugar and caffiene levels up for our heavy day ahead lol.

Thanks for stopping by.

Catch ya later x

Monday, 24 August 2009

And they're off!!!

We had a great time at our friends at the weekend. We always have such a laugh when we get together. We arrived about 10:30 Friday night, caught up then went to bed as we had a busy day on Saturday...We were going to Chester Races!!
This is what I saw when I had breakfast on Saturday...this goat stayed there for ages though I can't think he was very comfortable...I'm sure he must have had hoof cramp lol!

This is DH, Sally, Martin and myself on our way to the races. I used to love this outfit but now I'm not so this picture I look huge!

This was the first of our 3 winners!!!

'Steaming' after the race!

This is Sally, Abi, me and Amber yesterday after lunch before we headed home. Don't know what was up with my feet lol.

And finally I'd like to wish Ryan a happy 22nd birthday. For some reason he has taken after his father and has an aversion to getting his picture taken so this one of him, Steven and Pierce taken after an Arsenal v Manchester United last year. He's on the right for those who don't know him!
Well, that's all folks. Hope you enjoyed my little weekend.
Catch ya later x

Friday, 21 August 2009

Check list check check...

Ryan's card...check...sil's cleaned...check...dogs to doggy daycare...check...Sally's prezzie...NO check!!! I am chasing myself now...thought I had loads of time but think the pressure might be on to get everything done before we head off on our weekend hols at 7:30 tonight. So this is going to be quick : )

Thought I'd give you a break from Nikki and show you Ryan's card...Think it's highly unlikely he'll see see it here on my blog so I'm safe to show you!

At the risk of repeating myself, male cards are not my forte and this is probably no exception. I love the way the card turned out and I think he'll like it even with the ribbon and tiny bit of glitter that I couldn't possibly ignore. Well who ever heard of streamers without sparkle?? I don't know if you can see from the picture that I used glossy accent on the balloon, birds beak and icing on the cake. I would probably have used glitter if it was for Nicole.

Maybe you can see it on the close up. Anywho, the stamp is Whipper Snapper and pp is Doodlebug.

Right...I'm off to finish Sally's prezzie before Pierce gets home for dinner. Hope you all have a good weekend...don't think I'll be blogging but will take pictures to post next week.

Catch ya later x

Thursday, 20 August 2009

It's raining it's pouring the old man is snoring...

Hang on a second while I wring myself out!!! What is this weather like? More important what happened to my font button??? It's disappeared along with my Verdana! I guess this one will have to do.

I just noticed a button at the top of this box...I think it's to add a link which I've been wondering how to do. I might just have to have a play with that before the end of this post lol.

Didn't get much done yesterday so my list of things to do is VERY long today and so far I haven't ticked anything off!! Steven missed his train into Glasgow so being the fabulous mom that I am ended up taking him in so he wouldn't be late for a meeting. He got accepted into Caledonian Uni for International Business which is very exciting. He would rather have followed his brother into football but unfortunately it didn't work out for him. It will be quite interesting as he hasn't been in school for 2 years...hopefully it will be like riding a bike : )

Here's another taster for you guys. I love pink and green might have guessed by now. And I LOVE her top...wouldn't mind one like it myself lol.

Is anyone wondering who she is yet? I CAN tell you her's Nikki and there's supposed to be a heart over the i but I don't have one on my keyboard lol.

Here's a close-up of her gorgeous the way it sparkles. And the pup looks very relaxed lol.

Yikes!! (anybody use that word any more??? It just popped out lol) I've just seen the time (1:03pm) so I better get some of the gazillion things I've to do at least started. I've a birthday card for Ryan to do for Monday...he'll be 22...another Yikes!!!! I think I've mentioned previously that I'm not a lover of male cards but when it's your own son I really don't think I could get away with a Clinton's card lol. Also my sil's birthday is the same day and a friend asked for a personalized 50th for her friend for next week. We're going away for the weekend to friends in Manley and I want to make something for Sally. And none of it's getting done while I'm on here!!!

Hope you're not getting too wet....catch ya later x

ps... gonna try that link button now OMG...I think it worked!! I came across Debbi's blog this morning (another reason I haven't got much done today!) and I loved her How To with Pro Markers....I'm going to get mine out, dust them off and give them another go : )

pss... Debbi has some fab blog candy so go check it out!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

How frustrating are...

...computers/scanners/printers???!!!! OMG...what a morning I've had trying to scan. I ended up having to call Epson...and eventually found the number after being sent to all sorts of pages on their website. Then I called, went through all the different options only to be put on hold only to be cut off!!! Called back...10p a minuted I might add...finally got through to Clive...told Clive my problem only to be told by Clive he would put me through to scanners!!! Um Clive...I pressed the scanner option. So I'm on hold AGAIN listening to god awful muzik only for Clive to come back on asking what my problem was!!! Um're my problem now...ok I didn't actually say that but I wanted to lol. So Clive finally puts me through to scanners when the lovely, albeit without a sense of humour, Tom came on and put me through my paces. By this point it was well after 12...lunch time for me...and I was starting to get tetchy and I could feel my bottom lip going and I couldn't see what he was telling me to click even though it was staring me in the face. Anywho, I'm sure much to Tom's relief my eyes finally focused, found what I was looking for and after apologizing for whining said my goodbyes! Anybody else out there as computer/scanner/printer challenged as me??

I didn't manage to post yesterday as I was in town shopping with my sil and niece who were in town with my bil to watch the U2 concert. The weather was foul..what else is new these we didn't shop too much. We ended up having lunch at 29. I'd never been there before and it was really nice. Steven works there though he was outside...not for long though! We got the train in and out so it was relatively stress free. I'm sure there is an option somewhere in blogland that enables me to pre-post so I'll have to find that sometime.

I promised another card from my weekend work and here it is. I had some black ribbon on it but decided it didn't need it. I coloured her in with my Prisma pencils and Sansador...I'm really into them at the moment. I added lots of glitter and some crystals on her jacket. I love the colours...I'm sure I got the paper at Fee's. I don't think I have any sheets left but I'm going to hers next Wednesday (I know it's supposed to be the last Tues of the month but it doesn't work for her) so hopefully she's got some left.

I've still got a load of things to do today so I'm off and running. Hope you're having a good day.

Catch ya later x

Monday, 17 August 2009

Sneak peek

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was crazy busy as usual but with the added work of building an Ark for all the rain we had!! And if it wasn't raining it was blowing a gale...I swear if I leant back I wouldn't have fallen over lol.

I've got a surprise for you all...I made 4 cards this weekend... woot woot... and they have something to do with what I've been working on over the last 2 months. I won't explain everything in this post as I've got to get my house in order for my Bil, Sil and niece arriving tonight but I'll leave you with a card and you can let me know what you think.
And this is a close up of the image. I absolutely love the way this card turned out though I can tell you it wasn't what I originally started with in my head. The pp is SU! and donation from my big sis. I've only got a couple of sheets and I'm sure it's probably discontinued...must ask her if she has any spare going!
Anywho, that's it for today...tomorrow I'll post another of the cards I made at the weekend.
Catch ya later x

Friday, 14 August 2009

This is gonna be quick...

....cuz I'm knackered and I still have to take the dogs a walk before I hit the hay. It has been a disgusting day here in Glagow. It didn't really stop raining all day and luckily I spent most of it inside. When I did have to venture out it was real 'baton down the hatches' weather.

I did manage to make this card...I'm afraid the photo doesn't do it's so much nicer in real life. First of all you'll notice it's not a Bella image and's not Basic Grey paper!!! The stamp is Inky Antics and the pp SU! I stamped the image in Momento Tuxedo Black ink and coloured it with my Prisma pencils and Copics for the face, arms and legs. Some SU! ribbon in Pink Pirouette is fixed to to the card with a brad made with my i-tool. A few crystals, a bit of glitter (I'm still finding it around the kitchen after yesterday's play day!!) and a computer generated sentiment finishes it off : )

I better get my waterproofs on before I head outside. Hopefully I won't get blown away!!

Have a great weekend and I'll catch ya later x

Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Glitter Girls!!!

My little friends Bethany and Katie arrived 11 o'clock on the dot...actually they were 5 minutes early and just a little bit excited about what we were going to make today! We had a great time and I think they really enjoyed making their project. We made this cute little notebook using my Bind It All. We started off covering the front and back cover with pp from 3 Bugs in a Rug and inside each cover with a gorgeous chocolate brown cs. Next was colouring Stamping Bella Lulu Ketto with Twinkling H2O's. It took the girls a couple of practises with the water pens and they were off and did a great job. We had a short lunch break as we were starving then soon got back to the job in hand. I punched the holes in the paper inserts and I let the girls punch the front a back covers under my watchful eye. They managed pretty well though I think I would suggest a couple of weeks at the gym for the next time lol. Once it was bound together we tied SU! ribbon to the spine, stuck the image onto the brown flower mount and stuck it to the cover with dimensional fixers.I used a SU! punch for the brown flower and made co-ordinating brads with my i-tool (love that thing!). To finish it off we used a bit of glitter...I might add that Beth and Katie used a LOT of glitter...on the wings, shoes, heart, name it they glittered it lol. And that was that! Here's their finished books...what do you think?

Right, I'm off to de-glitter my kitchen...don't think I fancy roast chicken with glitter gravy lol.

Catch ya later x

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Glad tidings we bring...

For some reason tonight I felt the need to make a Christmas card...Who woulda thunk?? But why not...I've seen loads of Christmas cards on blogs lately and before you know it there will be Christmas trees and the lot on display!!

I also wanted to prove to you that I do have other stamps than Bella's : ) Whipper Snapper have got to be in my top 3 favourite stamps...wondering what the 3rd is? Answers on a only kidding...I've already posted a card using it...Penny Black! This card actually only took me 15 minutes to make...shocked the heck out of me I can tell you lol. It's like something was guiding me and it just came together...I hope that something hangs around for a while! So this fella is a Whipper Snapper stamp coloured with my Prisma pencils, Sansador and stumps. I love stamps that don't need that much colouring. PP is .... BG!! ... sentiment is American Art Stamps that came in a set. The button I've had for ages. I dragged my poor mom all over downtown Vancouver looking for this particular button store...ended up finding it in Gastown...and bought a gazillion red buttons that I never used till now. But hey...I KNEW I'd need them sometime right lol.

I've got 2 little friends coming over tomorrow to play... Beth and Katie. I made Beth, her brother and sister a notebook with my Bind It All a couple of months back and I promised Beth and her friend that before they went back to school they could come over and make one. I'll make sure I take pictures for tomorrow's post.

Right, I better get my workshop cleared up and pick the papers etc that we're going to use for our project.

Thanks for stopping by....catch ya later x

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Good things come to those who wait... what I told my bf Fee today when she called to say that she doesn't do waiting and wanted to know what I was up to lol!!! I told her my lips were sealed and she will have to wait just like the rest of you : ) Though I must tell you that it's been extremely hard to to tell all and sunder (or is that sundry?) but I don't want to jinx anything just in case.

Now on to more exciting things...I made a card today!!! Actually I made 5 but they're all the same. It felt great to colour after so long. And this little fella was a treat to colour...Cuppycake Huggabugg from Stamping Bella. I'd like to say at this point that I do own stamps other than Stamping Bella but can you tell they're my favourite??? I used my Copics to colour it in adding glitter and a couple of crystals on it's antenae. Can you guess the pp? Basic Grey of course lol. And yes I do have other brands of paper too. Now, can you see that round flower on the ribbon? If you click on the photo you can see that it's actually quite big and sticks out. Any guesses??? It's my new toy...the i-top by imaginisce! (it looks like the crop a dile) I got an email from CraftsUlove and ordered it straight away...think I was one of the first to order it and they sold out straight away. It's not cheap by any means as you need the i-top tool then an i-top punch and then the brads. There are 3 sizes of brads...I ordered medium, but if you order large you have to buy another piece to go with it! But can I tell you....I love it!!! It is so quick and easy to use (bit fiddly the first couple of times) and I think the results are fab. It means you can properly co-ordinate your brads with your project.

That's it for today folks...2 posts in one day. Hope that makes up for the weekend Trace : )

Enjoy the rest of your day wherever you are and I'll catch ya later x

Old dog...

It's true what they really can teach an old dog new tricks! Do you ever read blogs and see all these abbreviations like DH...darling husband, or KWIM...know what I mean (took me forever to work that one out lol). Then there's pp...patterned paper, cs...card stock and of course LOL which we all use on a daily basis...laugh out loud, not to be confused with lots of love. But referring to teaching an old dog (is 45 old these days??? I think 40 is the new 20 or is that wishfull thinking? LOL) new tricks I learned a new one today and it was from an old dog!!! I was checking out my FB (Facebook) and saw a conversation between Nicole and my sister. Nic referred to not being up with the young ones (she's 24 for goodness sake!!) and was confused with lmao. That's where the old dog ... my lovely friend Kathy (and I can say she's an old dog cuz she's older than me!) steps in and tells my Nic that lmao is....laugh my ass off!!! Now who would have worked that one out???!!! Certainly not this old dog : )

No cards to post here but fingers crossed I will later tonight. Shock...pick yourself up people...I am heading straight into my workshop after I post this and play! I'm going to find my new toy and try and come up with an amazing creation. Don't hold your breaths on the amazing...I haven't properly sat down and made a card in weeks so I'm sure my mojo is in hiding.

Have a good day and I'll catch ya later x

Monday, 10 August 2009

Gentle prod...

....from my big sis!! She wanted to know what happened to me over the weekend...said she missed my blogging...aaawwwwwww. I was just give you all a rest from my inane (I do think that's a word and I think I'm using it in the right context...can't be bothered getting a dictionary to check lol) ramblings. Actually I have been so busy with my secret project that my head was spinning!! Remember the Exorcist??? Well that was me...and we even have the same name lol!! So where was I...oh yeah...busy busy busy and we had friends over for dinner on Saturday night which meant I lost a day of crafting. And you know my new toy I was bragging about...I can't even remember what it was now!

But I do have a card to share with you...and it's a beauty : ) (I guess you can call it a RAK!) It's not from the archives....and I didn't make it. My bff Karen made it and it arrived on my matt Saturday morning. When she got her new Martha Stewart punches fresh from the States last week (mine are coming this week !) I kind of hinted...well I told her that I would love a card made with them lol. And here it is...what do you think? I love it, love it, love it!!! Karen is amazing...I love her cards and she's got her own gallery in my workshop. She gets her work published in a lot of the craft magazines and I think her work is always fresh and exciting....ok that enough?? Is the cheque in the post lol.

So that's it me darlings...hopefully I'll soon have a snippet or 3 to share with what's keeping me insanely busy at the moment.

Catch ya later x

Friday, 7 August 2009

There are not enough hours in the day... get things done! Hands up that need an extra 4 hours at least to complete their day. I don't even know if sleep is included in those 28 hours lol.

So no playing again today...I know it's still reasonably early but I still have the house to tidy, dinner to make and I'm going to the movies with a friend tonight so definitely no playing. Tomorrow we're having friends over for dinner so I might just be able to squeeze an hours playtime.

Here's a card I did for a friends niece's First Communion recently. And no I didn't misspell's in Italian!! The image is from my Little Images cd from Provo Craft which I got in Michaels years ago. It's got some fab images and I don't use it as much as I should. I don't have many Communion stamps and don't really want to go to the expense only to use them a few times a year so this cd is brilliant. The little girl works great for Communion or a wedding card.

I'm off and running...the vaccuum has been sitting at the bottom of the stairs for the last 4 hours so I better do something about it!

Catch ya later x

Thursday, 6 August 2009

My big sister says...

...I gotta post earlier so she can read my blog when she gets up!!! Easy for her to say lol. I'll try for you for tomorrow Trace : )

Another whirlwind of a day to add to an extremely busy week and it doesn't stop today...tomorrow and Saturday promise the same!!! Basically what I'm trying to tell you guys is I never got to make a card today either : ( BUT I'm getting closer to revealing my secret..tomorrow's a big day for me so fingers crossed and wish me well.

So that means I've dug into the archives once again and brought you this little number and guess who's on the front...another Bella!! I can't seem to get enough of Emily's Bella's and this won't shock those who know me but I do own quite a bit of her rubbah lol!

Anywho, the paper is Pink Petticoat and the image and sentiment Stamping Bella...I love pink and brown together. It has to be one of my favourite colour combo's.

I'm gonna have to say goodnight now...gotta rest up for my big day. I do hope I get a chance to play with my new toys tomorrow but I won't hold my breath!

Catch ya later

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New toys?? What new toys??

Did I say yesterday that I got new toys??? I never even got a change to even stroke them today as I've been rushed off my feet. My day started by taking the dogs to Cathkin Braes by 7:40am ... not a cloud in the sky with a bit of heat in the sun, followed by hanging washing, tidying up and getting ready for my friend Annette who was coming over for a mini workshop as she couldn't make it on Saturday. There was the added bonus of her daughter Eilidh which was a nice surprise as I hadn't seen her in years. We had a great time making the projects and having a bite of lunch in between. After they left I headed out to pick up dinner and back again to make it. Dogs back to the Braes with Steven then back to the house...finally got stuck into my emails and now I'm blogging. It's now 9:20pm and I still have some ironing to do before I start all over again tomorrow!! I'm definitely coming back as a man in my next life LOLOL.

Since I haven't made a card to show you I went into the archives and pulled this one out. It's another Stamping Bella image and I love how it turned out. I coloured it with my Prisma pencils and Sansador, cut it out and embossed it with my Nesties (what did we do before they came along???), a bit of sewing, pp and ribbon. I can't remember the name of the paper but I remember I did get it from The Papercraft Company.

Sorry for being so vague but I really do have to get to the ironing to make at least a small dent in it. Steven's working tomorrow and his uniform is in the basket somewhere and Ryan's got a game and his tracksuit is probably buried under Steven's uniform!!

I'm off and running.....catch ya later x

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A better day already..

I can't believe how bad yesterday was...ok, nobody died or anything thank goodness but it was almost like someone or something was stopping me getting things done. I even had to phone my friend Sally back after she called to apologize for being so out of sorts!!

Anywho...that was yesterday and this!!

My neighbor asked me last week if I would make a 1st birthday card for her Granddaughter Darcey and could she have the card for the 5th. No problem...until she reminded me yesterday about her card!!! So I got to work last night and I must say for the first time I 'done good under' pressure lol! I know I shouldn't praise my own work but I should tell you that it's not often I do that...I'm always finding fault in something but this time I love it! I've had these Penny Black stamps for a couple of years and they haven't seen much ink in that

time...oh the shame. But for some reason I went straight to them and this was the result. I hope my neighbor will be happy with it. Main cs are Bazzill and SU!, ribbon SU!, pp Doodlebug. I've had the alphabet stamps for about 5 years and I don't know why I don't use them more as I love the font and they're super easy to use, they're PSX Love Letters Alphabet Set, all lower case.

Here's a close up of the bears..they're so cute! I coloured them with my Prisma pencils and Sansador. While I was typing this up my neighbor arrived for the card and she loved it! AND the colours match Darcey's room which was a total coincidence...job done ; )

I'm off now to play with a new toy I received in the mail this morning. All to be revealed tomorrow!! Have a great day.

Catch ya later x

Monday, 3 August 2009

Rather late than never!

I think I'm posting on Monday by the skin of my teeth!! I'm trying not to miss a day blogging but after the day I've had it's a wonder I'm here at all. Everything I had to do today was about 4 hours behind. I've just finished a card that I'll post in the morning as I'm sure it would take me 4 hours to do now lol.

Before I head of to bed though I want to wish my BIL Darcy a very happy birthday today...luckily for me Canada is 8 hours behind so hopefully my sister will show him this post at some point in their day. Your card is in the mail Darcy ... honest lol!!

Catch ya later x

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sour taste update..

Good morning everyone!! Hope you're all having a good weekend. At the moment it's dry in Glasgow but that could change at any second lol.

I wanted to give you an update on my 'sour taste' post. I decided not to reply to the last email Karen sent thinking it would go on and on and at the end of the day if she doesn't want my money, who am I to force her??? But I DO need more of Pink Fizz from the BG Lemonade range so I googled it Friday night and came up with a big fat nothing. Starting to panic I called Precious Memories in Langley BC hoping they'd have some (I received a 30% off coupon so figured that would cover the postage) and one of my darling sister's or indeed the Judy could mail it to me (it's amazing the measures a crafter would go to get things lol). That drew a blank as well so last night I tried googling again...and guess what???? Eureka!!!! I found not one but 2 sites that sell BG in individual sheets and they both had Pink Fizz : ) I placed an order with both asking for 5 sheets of PF from each of you're probably thinking I'm being greedy but I do have a lot of BG and PF goes with just about every range that I have so that's why I'm ordering 10 sheets. Both orders seem to go through but only 20 minutes ago I received an email from one of the sites asking if I realized my order hadn't gone through. To say I started to hyperventilate would be an understatement. I thought she who had cancelled my order had called round all stores selling BG individually and told them not to sell to me lol...oh how my mind works!!! I called straight away and I must have put in a wrong digit or something but we did the payment over the phone and it went through no problem. Just be be sure I asked the girl if they ever cancelled orders because customers were spending too much or buying too much of one product. She said no and that they would just re-order more of the product or call the customer to tell them there wasn't enough and would they like to choose something different. So take note Karen of Charmed Cards and Crafts...shame on you for treating a customer the way you did and thank you to the lovely Sandy of The Craft Barn...I know who I'll be spending my hard earned £££ with in future.

Catch ya later x

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Workshop success!

A good time was had by all me thinks : ) I had 3 really great projects lined up for todays workshop and I think they all went well. I've got a thing for calendars at the moment and this is the project we started with. Anyone who knows me knows I don't do's just not my I knew when the girls saw this they would be shocked...and I was right lol. I have never been interested in scrapbooking or distressing or shabby chic but all that changed in this project. Two separate pieces of canvas boards connected with eye and hook screws. The canvas was distressed with brown ink with a touch of pink. I add my fave Basic Grey pp with some SU! and Martha Stewart punched vellum flowers with Doodlebug glitter brads. The photo is from a collection on a CD I've had for years and the calendar was made by my sister's friend Kerry-Anne on Microsoft Word. I think it's really pretty.

The second project was a chipboard gift bag with a set of 4 note cards again made with BG (I hadn't made the notecards when I took this picture). This pp is from the Lemonade range which I love. I cut the flower and heart from chipboard covered with the same pp with my cuttlebug and die which is attached with a ball chain onto the ribbon handle. I used a MS punch for the scalloped border and finished it off with AB crystals. This is a great bag...if you don't want to make cards to go with it you can get little bottles of bath products or some makeup and put them in it. I think anyone would love to receive this as a gift.

Last but not least was this cute card. It was quite easy after the first 2 projects and finished the day off nicely. The image is from Stamping Bella, the pp is Doodlebug, ribbon SU!

Our next crop is August 29th where we will do our own thing with a m&t and September 26th is penciled in for the next workshop.

Thanks girls for was great fun and I look forward to the 29!

Catch ya later x