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Friday, 28 August 2009 headline???

I was having a bit of a gander at my blog and I realized I'd missed not one but TWO headlines!! What was I thinking??? Actually I remember that I couldn't think of anything witty or clever so I was going to come back to it. Note to self...don't try so hard lol.

Anywho, another mixed day...back to the Braes with the dogs. I'll tell you a little of my favourite things about going away on holiday is not having to take the dogs a walk!! Shock horror to those that know I adore my dogs but I am the primary carer (even though they're Ryan's dogs) and it does take a big chunk out of my day. Being Boxer's they have a lot of energy...especially Rocky I feel they need at least one decent walk a day and that's why I head out to CB. They can run off the lead and there's no worry of Rocky chasing football's or really anything that rolls!!! I've had a few nasty moments at Rouken Glen and now steer clear. I usually take them for a good hour in the morning (apart from a Tuesday when they go to Doggy Daycare yeah!!) and while it's still light enough I'll take them again after dinner. I suppose it's a good workout for me so I shouldn't really complain!

I worked on the make and take for tomorrow's crop...I can't post it tonight because I don't want the girls to see it just yet...but I will tomorrow. I sent a pic of it to my BFF Karen and she loved it so that makes 2 of us : ) I've also decided I'm not decanting my entire workroom and have been very strict with myself. I've stamped out 2 images...both Christmas... packed all the necessary bits to go with them and that's it!! There is still time to slip something else in my bags before I head off in the morning though LOL.

This is one of the cards I'll be making tomorrow...the other is the snowman I previously posted. I have a thing about snowmen...I {heart} them!! I know these are snowballs but if you put them on top of each other you have a snowman LOL. I have loved this image for such a long time but could never get my hands on the stamp. Then I discovered I could order direct from Whipper Snapper and the postage was really reasonable. You also have a choice of wood mounted, foam mounted or just plain rubber which cuts the cost down too. I finally bought it but it's sat in my drawer for MONTHS until today when I finally inked it up. I've done a bit of sewing, glittering and glossy accenting...I love all the textures.

So that's it for tonight...better check my bag just in case I've forgotten something (wink)

Catch ya later x

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