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Thursday, 20 August 2009

It's raining it's pouring the old man is snoring...

Hang on a second while I wring myself out!!! What is this weather like? More important what happened to my font button??? It's disappeared along with my Verdana! I guess this one will have to do.

I just noticed a button at the top of this box...I think it's to add a link which I've been wondering how to do. I might just have to have a play with that before the end of this post lol.

Didn't get much done yesterday so my list of things to do is VERY long today and so far I haven't ticked anything off!! Steven missed his train into Glasgow so being the fabulous mom that I am ended up taking him in so he wouldn't be late for a meeting. He got accepted into Caledonian Uni for International Business which is very exciting. He would rather have followed his brother into football but unfortunately it didn't work out for him. It will be quite interesting as he hasn't been in school for 2 years...hopefully it will be like riding a bike : )

Here's another taster for you guys. I love pink and green might have guessed by now. And I LOVE her top...wouldn't mind one like it myself lol.

Is anyone wondering who she is yet? I CAN tell you her's Nikki and there's supposed to be a heart over the i but I don't have one on my keyboard lol.

Here's a close-up of her gorgeous the way it sparkles. And the pup looks very relaxed lol.

Yikes!! (anybody use that word any more??? It just popped out lol) I've just seen the time (1:03pm) so I better get some of the gazillion things I've to do at least started. I've a birthday card for Ryan to do for Monday...he'll be 22...another Yikes!!!! I think I've mentioned previously that I'm not a lover of male cards but when it's your own son I really don't think I could get away with a Clinton's card lol. Also my sil's birthday is the same day and a friend asked for a personalized 50th for her friend for next week. We're going away for the weekend to friends in Manley and I want to make something for Sally. And none of it's getting done while I'm on here!!!

Hope you're not getting too wet....catch ya later x

ps... gonna try that link button now OMG...I think it worked!! I came across Debbi's blog this morning (another reason I haven't got much done today!) and I loved her How To with Pro Markers....I'm going to get mine out, dust them off and give them another go : )

pss... Debbi has some fab blog candy so go check it out!


Shelly said...

I LOVE THIS CARD!!! I like the details you put into it! the eyeshadow, the gems on the couch!!!! very cool! If you find that top I would fancy one as well :o) can't wait to see more!! keep em coming baby!!!

Tracey Falconer said...

Nikki is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing more of her...... and if you find that top you may as well buy one for me too, I'll take it in green please! :)