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Monday, 31 August 2009

Driech driech driech....

Not sure if I spelled that right...I'm not too up on my spelling of Scottish words! Hands up who's sick of the Scottish weather....thought too. It is not hair friendly weather that's for sure. I don't know why I bother to straighten my hair when it's like this...all that pulling, smoothing and frazzling for nothing! The first thing my hairdresser always says to me is 'have you been using your straightens much?' Now I'm not sure if he's just starting conversation or trying to trick me because he MUST know by looking at it that I have!!

I had lunch with a good friend of mine today. I always have a laugh when I'm with her...she and her husband are hysterically funny when they're together...almost like a double act LOL. Her son's girlfriend was expecting and her due date was last Sunday...she's had loads of twinges but they never came to anything. When my friend arrived she announced her future daughter in-law was in 'real' labour which was so exciting. Every time her phone beeped, vibrated, whatever we'd jump thinking the baby had arrived. Well it hadn't by the time we parted company but I got a text earlier this evening to say that her grandson had arrived safely weighing a hefty 8lbs 14oz...mother and baby doing well!!! I felt a bit of a pang as I'm only a couple of years younger than my friend and I think this is such an exciting new chapter in all their lives. So much love and congratulations to all of you!

Now on to my card. I managed to get a half decent picture today. The lighting was only marginally better as it was so dull outside. Also I don't think acetate photographs very well. I haven't decided if or what sentiment I'm going to put on the front. Sometimes I look at it and think I like it as it is then

I think it looks a little bare. I love the look of acetate cards as long as you keep the finger prints to a minimum LOL. I used my new Elzybells Whipped Cream Hybrid Inkpad for the snowflakes...unfortunately my photography doesn't lend to how bright the white is.

I love the penguin...he's just so cute and very clever being able to juggle 4 snowballs LOL. Another easy image to colour with my Prisma pencils, stumps and Sansador.

Rocky and Ruby are in Doggy Daycare tomorrow so I hope to be extremely productive. I'd like to finish the various Christmas cards I've started, make another couple of Nikki cards to show you and a wedding card for my friend Nadia's daughter's wedding on Saturday which I have been invited to. I'll be going solo as Ryan has a game and Pierce won't miss any of his games if there's a chance Ryan could be playing. Kilmarnock are playing Rangers at home so it's a pretty big game. The last time Ryan played against them was a few seasons ago and believe it or not he was man of the match!!! Hopefully the manager will give him the chance to make it a double : )

I've set myself quite a challenge and hopefully I'll be able to tell you tomorrow that I've completed my task.

Catch ya later x

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Elaine said...

I like the card as it is, don't think it needs a sentiment. x