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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Red or black???

I had a busy busy day busy I was too pooped to post last night. I got some of what I said I was going to try and do - done! I finished off the 3 Christmas card designs that were in various stages of completion and managed 2 Nikki cards though they were both the same with the exception of the hair colour...does that count?? I couldn't decide what colour I wanted to do so I tried 2 and now I don't know which one I love more lol!

Here's a pic of the cards I finished off...

And here are the Nikki cards...

Red head or black???
One of the cards is for Steven's girlfriends sister (still with me lol??) who is a lawyer and just started a new job up North. She's got dark hair so I'll probably send her the black haired Nikki.

I still have the wedding card to make and it's a boxed one so that's what I'll get to tomorrow. I put Ruby and Rocky into Doggy Daycare twice a week now so I can get more done. Tonight will be finishing off a Christmas Nikki card and possibly making another : )

Some exciting developments have been happening over the last 2 days and hopefully I'll be able spill the beans to you very soon!!

Catch ya later


Tracey Falconer said...

Personally, I like the red head! Brings back memories of "Ann"......

Anonymous said...

Love them both but you could also try plum hair! Might remind you of someone you know....although the figure is slightly different!! Love the way you've cut the oval out of the paper too. Clever girl! Mwah

Anonymous said...

Love them both the paper is gorgeous what is it and I agree with last comment the way you did the ovals is very clever AX