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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Fairy Godmother Fee!!

What a day Fee and I had today!! Between the two of us we managed to make quite a dent in the packaging of Nikki. I cut and Fee scored, folded, matched stamp to acetate image, bagged and stapled....hmmmmm....reading over that it looks like I got off lightly LOL but I can assure you I didn't!! I'm sure I've got RSI in my right hand and I've got a knot in my right shoulder that would choke you! Oh, I forgot, Fee also arranged them in the boxes....look for yourself...
Didn't we do well?? And I'd already packaged 148 for an order!! I've still plenty to do but there's no way I could have done this on my own. Fee was fantastic so a big thank you to you Fee!! We did manage to have an apple and cinnamon scone to keep our strength up and when we felt it was starting to wain (sp?) we forced ourselves to have homemade chicken and potato soup with a fab doorstop of a tuna crunch sandwich (1/2 each) for lunch.
I've got to do some ironing and then make the beds...I know it's almost 10 pm but I've been busy LOL!!!
Catch ya later x

1 comment:

Fee said...

Glad I could help and you know I'm a sucker for apple and cinnamon scones!