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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I wanna be 10 again!!!!

If only so I can understand how to use a computer properly!! I have spent the last 2 hours trying to add 'add to cart' buttons and failed miserably so in the end decided I would put the Nikki's here as a post and if you wish to purchase any of the cling stamps email me at and I will contact you. I can then send you a Paypal invoice and do it that way until I can get my buttons on properly. If anyone knows how to do this and can give me idiot proof instructions I will be forever greatful : )

I just realized that I didn't explain the stamps are cling polymer and all that's needed is an acrylic block which makes storage easy peasy. When you first get your stamps gently rub them with a good quality eraser to remove any of the factory residue.

I'm still as high as a kite...more so that usual lol...and I'm looking forward to getting the packaging from the printer's on Friday. Scott at Print Central has been fantastic with his ideas and suggestions and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing any kind of printing.

My workroom is beckoning...I'm still in the middle of making the kits for Saturday's workshop. Also I ran out of pp for one of the projects and Fee is coming to my rescue tomorrow. We're meeting at Braehead for the 'handover' of the pp and because it would be rude not to, we're going to have a quick bite at Starbucks before we go our separate ways : )

Catch ya later x

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