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Saturday, 12 September 2009


I love love LOVE this photo of me, my sisters Shelly (left of me) and Tracey and my mom...The Judy. I have it as my desk top picture and I'd already shut down my blog and was about to turn my laptop off when I decided to open everything back up and post it. It was taken last December when I went home to surprise my mom for her 70th birthday (hard to believe know!). We took a trip down to the States and did a bit of retail therapy. Of course when we do this, no trip is complete unless we have lunch at PF Chang's. They make the best lettuce wraps...actually everything is just about perfect : )

This picture makes me happy and sad at the same time because these times are few and far between. I always go on about the weather and it being the worst part about living in Scotland but it isn't really...the worst is being apart from these amazing women in my life (and you too dad!) and not being able to spontaneously meet for a coffee or lunch. Sure we talk on the phone as much as we can but it's not the same. So Judy, Tracey and Shelly...I miss you and love you and can't wait till we get together again. x


Tracey Falconer said...

All I can say is 'A BIG FAT SNIFF"!!!!!!! ;) I know that the other two will concure, We can't wait until next time too!!!!!!! xoxo

Shelly said...

ahhhhhh now i know that you have a heart!!! you CAN drop the sarcasim!! you know Kerry I remember being at your house on Killermont meadows the first time we came to scotland and you were sooooooo sarcastic to me and I couldn't take it!! I would cry, and then mom would give you heck, and then you'd be mad, lol... and now our relationship is fully......SARCASTIC! lol

on a sweeter note. I cherish my sisters very much. you guys are always on my mind, and in my heart even if we don't see each other all the time.

I miss you too Kerry! xoxoxoxox

Whimsey said...

WOW; your mom looks phenomenal for 70; what a beautiful picture; glad you girlies had a good time!!