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Thursday, 10 September 2009

2 cappucino's, 2 latte's, 2 slices of banana bread and a fruit scone..

Now before you think I had all of the above myself let me set you straight! After I dropped the mutts (don't tell them I called them mutts!!) off at DDC I met my friend Annette at a new coffee shop called D''s that for a name!! I had the cappucino's and ONE banana bread and Annette scoffed the rest. Said she didn't have any breakfast....hmmmmm....must remember to use that one next time LOL. We were only supposed to meet up for an hour but in the end we went to Country Baskets and Flower Scene to get bits for a project Annette is starting. Of course I couldn't let her spend on her own so I bought some ribbon cuz I ain't got none LOLOLOLOL! Just jesting with you...

Here are a few jars of ribbon I've collected over the years! Before the ribbon was in the jars they were in drawers and bags all tangled up. My mom...the Judy...spent hours on one of her trips separating all the lengths into colours and stuffing them into the jars. How's that for motherly love LOL?! My friends will know that thats not ALL my ribbon...I do have some more in drawers and boxes but those are nice and tidy on reels. I've also got 2 racks behind the door with spools and 2 wooden rails above the radiator filled with spools. I think I have an addiction...I'm a ribbon addict...and proud of it ; ) I'll take a picture of the ribbon tomorrow...gorgeous colours and very reasonably priced at £6.60 for 3 rolls, each with 20 metres.

I made 7 cards today woot woot!!! (6 of one design)...the most I've made in ages in one sitting. Very chuffed with myself :) I'll post them tomorrow with all the details.
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Fee said...

"cus I ain't got none" We will be calling you Pinocchio O'Leary if you tell fibs like that. You definitely have a ribbon addiction but you are not alone LOL. Looking forward to seeing your new cards.

Elaine said...

I'm Elaine and I'm addicted to ribbons. Do they have ribbon lovers anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at Elaines comment, I think there should be crafters anonymous !!!!!! might help to save me some money Ax