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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Old dog...

It's true what they really can teach an old dog new tricks! Do you ever read blogs and see all these abbreviations like DH...darling husband, or KWIM...know what I mean (took me forever to work that one out lol). Then there's pp...patterned paper, cs...card stock and of course LOL which we all use on a daily basis...laugh out loud, not to be confused with lots of love. But referring to teaching an old dog (is 45 old these days??? I think 40 is the new 20 or is that wishfull thinking? LOL) new tricks I learned a new one today and it was from an old dog!!! I was checking out my FB (Facebook) and saw a conversation between Nicole and my sister. Nic referred to not being up with the young ones (she's 24 for goodness sake!!) and was confused with lmao. That's where the old dog ... my lovely friend Kathy (and I can say she's an old dog cuz she's older than me!) steps in and tells my Nic that lmao is....laugh my ass off!!! Now who would have worked that one out???!!! Certainly not this old dog : )

No cards to post here but fingers crossed I will later tonight. Shock...pick yourself up people...I am heading straight into my workshop after I post this and play! I'm going to find my new toy and try and come up with an amazing creation. Don't hold your breaths on the amazing...I haven't properly sat down and made a card in weeks so I'm sure my mojo is in hiding.

Have a good day and I'll catch ya later x

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