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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Did I tell you I was going to Fee's today? LOL...I know I told you but I couldn't resist rubbing it in a little. We had a great day and why wouldn't we? We were doing what we love ... crafting : ) I'd like to say we had total peace but we both had phone calls and text messages...note to time turn off phone!!

We were both excited about the projects we created...and no wonder...I think we excelled ourselves this time ... nothing like blowing your own horn huh lol. It's actually official that this is the best project I have ever done cuz my DH said so...and you know men are ALWAYS right (wink).

This is Fee's little fab is this! A gorgeous picnic gift bag. And again she worked it out all herself. It was a bit tricky at times with the angles but I think it turned out really well though I did suggest she forget the angles in any future projects lol. The combination of the peach and navy cs is gorgeous...there's pp on the top of the lid which compliments the cs nicely. I actually took the liberty to use my i-top to make a brad for the centre of the know how I love that thing. I used the same pp used for the lid. But that's not all folks...could it get any better??? Hell yeah...look what's inside....
I think she's trying to fatten me up...first shortbread now cupcakes and muffins!!! You can just see the pp under the mountain of goodies : ) Apart from food lol, you can easily use the box for any little gift you might want to give someone.

Now on to my little offering...I had this in my head for AGES thinking I would do it for my next workshop in September. I really shouldn't post it before we've done it but I'm hoping if the girls see it now they'll definitely sign up. It all came together when I was walking the dogs yesterday and couldn't wait to come home and get started.

What do you think so far? Can you work out what it is apart from a book? The clue is in the image...'s an address book! Maybe not exciting to some but I'm just so happy with the way it turned out. Fee really liked it too...I think the stroking was a bit ott though lol.

Here are some closeups of the details...I love her glittered pillow and top. I bought the little finding on the telephone on ebay after loving the one my BFF Karen put on the card she sent me in a previous post but silly me...they were far too small for a brad. I put them to the side till I thought of something to do with them...normally I would have put a crystal on the phone but the spacer's caught my eye, a light bulb went on and there you go. I think it looks it was made for it. I knew I NEEDED them and now I've proved myself right LOLOLOL.
I hope you like both our I've got to get the thinking cap on again for next month's one! I have an idea forming so watch this space.
I'm off to try and make a dent in my's been neglected for ages and it's taking on a life of it's own!
Thanks for popping in... catch ya later x

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