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Monday, 21 June 2010

All present and accounted for...

I finally heard from the last winner of the competition all I need is the stamps to send them! I was originally promised the stamps at the beginning of last week then it was the middle, then the end. Then I heard on Friday that they would be shipping to me today and I would get them tomorrow so I was quite happy with that until I called today to confirm only to be told it would be Wednesday before I got them!!! That was going to prove a bit tricky as I'm going away with Sadie on Thursday for a week so now I've been promised I will get them before 9am on Wednesday which gives me the WHOLE day to get the orders bagged and in the post. All I can do is apologize and promise I will get them posted on Wednesday....providing they arrive!
As I mentioned I will be away for a week. You've heard me mention my friend Sadie before, well she wanted to go on holiday but as she's registered blind there is no way she can go on her own. She'd been talking about it for a while and about 2 months ago asked if I would go with her as her companion as she thinks this will be her last holiday (she's 80 this year). I've known Sadie for about 23 years and she's like my wee Scottish mom so I said I would go with her. She's always wanted to go on a cruise for as long as she can remember so that's what she's booked. We fly out in the early of Thursday morning to Palma then set sail at 11:30 that night. Our first stop is Palermo, Sicily then Naples, Italy...Ajaccio, Corsica...Toulon, France...Barcelona, Spain then back to Palma to catch our flight back to Glasgow. We're both extremely excited and it will be quite an experience for both of us! There is internet available on the ship so if I can I will check in with you but in case I can't I'm planning on pre-posting some cards that I've been making. Since he did such a good job the last time I was away, Steven will be in charge of any orders that come in. If you don't hear from me for the week it either means I've jumped overboard or I can't get hooked up to the internet!
I haven't asked Mil and Fil to come and look after the men...figured it was time they started to do that for themselves. I'll stock the fridge and have all the washing and ironing done before I go and since it's only a week I'm sure they'll manage! I only wonder what I'll come back to lol.
Thought you'd like to see another Add-On card, this time using the present.
I love the colours in this MME paper...there are so many possible colour combinations

What a happy chappy lol

Wonder what's inside?? Stamps maybe :-D

I took a notion to change the look of my blog. I had someone do the previous header and background but decided I needed to shake it up a bit. There are a couple of blog sites where you can get free backgrounds and headers and I was playing around with backgrounds from when I got an IM from BFF asking me to check out her blog. She had been doing the same thing but was using cutestblogontheblock! We sat till after midnight changing out backgrounds and getting each other's opinions. I settled on this one from CBOTB...I love it!!! But there isn't a header to match so I still have the one from SB. For a small charge CBOTB will design a header to go with one of their free backgrounds so that's what I'm going to do.

I think that's me up to date for now. Thanks for sticking by while I wasn't blogging. Hope you have a great week.

Catch ya later x


Sue Upson said...

Love this card Kerry, you're right those papers are really very versatile - I so need them!!

Love the new look blog too, have a great break

Sue xx

Cheryl said...

Love the new blog love the card such a cute image, hope you have a fab time x

Donna said...

lovin the new look blog Kerry x

Lyndsey Marie said...

Great card, such a versatile image with all those add ons. Love the new blog look too very funky. Hope you both have a lovely holiday sounds fabulous.
Lyndsey xx

Ladybug Party Favors said...

A very cute card! It is a little bit simple but it is so cute and I like to make on of these too!

jandm said...

Good to see how the card works with the add-ons.
Cruise sounds fab Enjoy!

Rusty said...

loving the new blog look, and oh my you are going to need that holiday by the time you have got all the orders done on wednesday! please bring me back a stick of rock .... alternatively you may find a cheap iPad out there, you know how much you want one ;) Tams x

Hel said...

I love the card - especially the colours (and the stamps and the paper and the ribbon and the card...), can't wait for the new stamps to arrive. and thanks for the tip off about the [pro-markers on angel crafts) x

Tinkerbeth said...

Love the new Look!

Tinkerbeth said...

PS. Received the Grand Prize in the mail yesterday while I was at work. My daughter called to tell me it had arrived! Thank you! They are beautiful, and even nicer in real life! My Mother-in-law is here resting up from some surgery (minor, but she doesn't have the use of her dominant hand), so it may be a few days before I can use them!