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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Where am I???

I'm here!!! No I didn't Zumba myself away though can I tell you I loved, loved, LOVED it! So much so I went to a class the very next morning :-D Monday night was a laugh and a half. It was in a hall near to where I live and I met Elaine and Alison there. There must have been 100 people there for the class I kid you not. Just as well there was a stage for the instructor to do her thing otherwise I would have been a lot worse than I was! I learned 3 things about myself that night 1) I'm not as coordinated as I thought 2) I've got 2 left feet 3) I've no natural rhythm!! And do you know who I blame? The Judy....yup that's right...I blame my mom because she let me climb trees, ride my bike for hours, play softball for 10 years, rollerskate up and down the back lane and play kick the can (remember that one??!!) with the neighbourhood kids instead of making me go to tap, ballet, modern, jazz and Zumba!!! I should have been wearing a tutu instead of a baseball glove lol. Anyway we got through it glowing like the stars we are heehee and now I'm hooked. There was a class straight after ours and if I had of brought another £4 with me I would have done that one too. The class on Tuesday was in her studio which was lovely and had a whole wall of mirrors which wasn't so lovely! In contrast to the night before there was only 10 of us there which gave me plenty of room to go the opposite way to which everyone else was going lol. I kinda tucked myself against the back wall until two stragglers came in and to my horror I found myself directly behind the instructor! I did try hard...maybe I tried to hard to get it right. I fixed my eyes on her shimming hips and fancy footwork to make sure I was in time with everyone else but it was no use...I ended up making up my own steps hoping she wouldn't notice but I think she did because at one point she slowed her steps right down and I'm sure it was for my sake lmao. After the class I went up to her and asked how long it should take before I got it right and she assured me I'd be flying in a couple of weeks and that there were only 4 steps that were repeated over and over. Four steps??? Four??? I told her I thought there were at least 100 but then I did make some up as I went along! My lack of coordination isn't going to stop me and I'll be there with Elaine and Alison on Monday night 7pm sharp!
I've had a stressful couple of days trying to get a decent picture of myself for an upcoming article. I know you probably think I'm exaggerating but I'm not. All I can say is thank god for digital cameras so we can delete, delete, delete! Trying to get my 'best' side was frustrating and I emailed BFF to tell her I'd come to the conclusion my best side had to be my backside because the face shots weren't working! I thought I had a good one last night, sent it to BFF and showed it to Pierce and Ryan only to be told 'I've seen better ones of you'. WTH???? Well, you might as well told me I was grounded from making cards for a month because that put me in a right mood. I guess you're thinking I'm sounding like I'm 2 instead of 46 and you're probably right but I'm guessing there was a full moon last night or something lol. Today's photo shoot wasn't much better but I did manage to finally get an 'ok' one. The reason I was trying so hard was because there was an article of me in last months Quick Cards Made Easy 'Quick Chat'. That was one of the reasons I left town lol (only kidding)...the picture was horrendous. I was told it was going to be a small picture but it was huge and the angle I took it at made me look like a horse so there was NO WAY I was putting it in this next one. I even gave them my permission to airbrush the picture to the max but it was obvious they ignored me. I've used the final picture up top so you can let me know what you think....please be kind and I promise cheques will be in the post for any positive comments lol.
Enough of that...just trying to make up for missing the last few days ;-D
I finally got to use my Promarkers but still not to their full potential. I wanted to show you another add-on for Magnum and there's not a lot of colouring in it so I did what I could. Here's Magnum with his 'bestest friend' Lily...
I guess Magnum got over being scared of Lily. I found this paper in one of my's MME from the Asparagus range. I love MME...the quality and texture is fantastic.

What do you think of my colouring? Now don't expect too much just yet because this is the first time I've used them properly and they are slightly different to Copics which I've just about got the hang of and I've had them for a couple of years! Promarkers seem juicier than the Copics and you don't seem to have to blend them the same way. Promarkers are cheaper than I said at the Corn Exchange the packs were £4.90 for 5 and £1.80 for individual ones. Copics are £2.25 each and a heck of a lot more for a pack although you get more than 5. I think it's good to have a variety of colouring mediums though when BFF read that I had bought Promarkers (Karen's Copic certified) I did hear the slight disbelief/disgust in her voice when it came up in our conversation the other day!
I plan on having a proper play with them tomorrow so hopefully I'll have something to show you. Sorry for being so long winded tonight...guess I'm feeling a bit guilty for the lack of posts this week.
Thanks for sticking with me and keep those comments coming for your chance to win the whole she-bang! I'm loving your little stories. Oh,just want to say hi Aunty Sue...thanks joining in and for your lovely comment :-D
Catch ya later x
ps Remember, Monday is the last day to pre-order the new release at the lower price of £5.50


jandm said...

I think you're too hard on yourself, Kerry.
I love your enthusiasm for the Zumba and I'm sure that will pay off in your success.
I liked the colouring of your latest card - enjoy.

Elaine said...

Lovely card and love the colours. You are doing well with your colouring. I've not practiced much yet... Still not convinced about the 4 steps in zumba, it looked like a LOT more than that to me. Oh well we will see on Monday! x

Donna said...

It took me about 3 sessions to grasp most of the steps - and I agree that there are more than 4!! I still go wrong now tho but as long as your moving it's doing some good right? Burning a few more calories so youi can have chocolate and not feel guilty lol.

Love your Magnum card - can't wait for my stamps now. and your colouring is fab. I have Promarkers and I love them but I've never tried copics. You got a real bargain at less than £5 a pack. They are normally about £8!! They do have some packs with 10 or 12 in on Letraset website which work out a bit cheaper. x