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Friday, 27 May 2011

Happy Birthday Pinky!

It's our Lovely Ladybug Pinky's birthday today and I'd like to wish her the happiest of days and hope she is thoroughly spoiled :-D I have mailed your card Pinky...honest! Just in case it's late, here it is...

In hindsight I should have used pink instead of purple but I got this KI Memories 'Posh' paper pad when I was at Precious Memories and was desperate to use it. Anyway, isn't purple in the same family as pink??? I used another one of my new wasn't until I was uploading the pictures I noticed it went perfectly with the leaves on the pp.

Make a Wish Nikki is a dream to colour ie not much involved lol.

I did colour in the frosting but didn't like it so went for the FS and some micro beads...another perfect match!

I even Mary J'd the inside :-D

Remember our storm from Monday and my fallen tree? Well this is it...

The tree was just a sapling that we moved to the other side of the fence when we moved here 14 years ago...I don't even think it topped the fence but look at the size of it now!

This BBQ is big and HEAVY...there's no way I could have lifted it back up. I know our 100mph winds were nothing compared to Missouri's devastation and can't I begin to imagine what they went through. I just hope and pray that everyone affected will be able to rebuild their lives.

Oddly, I've started running. It was something I did at school but not interested in after...I just didn't like getting all hot and sweaty! Mom and dad were given a fabulous running machine as part payment for a job my dad had done and it had lain unused ever since. I was waking anywhere between 5 and 6:30am every morning so instead of lying there waiting for everyone else to get up I decided I'd go for a 'walk'. Well that walk led to running and I kinda got hooked. Especially when I found THE best TV station to get me through. It's called ME TV and it has all the programmes I used to watch growing up like My Three Sons, Petticoat Junction, I Love Lucy, Gunsmoke, Beverley Hillbilly's, The Honeymooners, Mary Tyler Moore, The Bob Newhart Show, The Dick VanDyke Show...OMG, it was like being transported back in time :-D

I've got some flabulous news to tell you...Jean got out of hospital yesterday!!! It's been a long 9 months and a day I thought I'd never see. The last time I saw her before I went away, I thought she'd be in hospital for another month or so as she was still in a lot of pain and extremely weak. She wasn't eating...just couldn't face was fed through a tube. Well, when I went to see her on Sunday I couldn't get over the difference. She swung her legs out of bed and had so much more energy. She even asked me to bring her some chicken drumsticks!!! I called her last night on the way to Sadie's to see how she had settled in and she was so happy to be home. It will take her a while to get her full strength back but after seeing what she's been through and witnessing her fight her way back from death's doorstep I know she'll be ok.

On that note I'll love you and leave you. I hope you have a great weekend...another long one!!

Catch ya later x

ps I'm having a real hard time commenting on everyone's blogs. I don't know what's up with Mr Blogger now but he's being a right pain in the backside!


theCook said...

So Happy Jean is feeling better!
Your card for Pinky is beautiful. Love those microbeads!

Amanda R said...

Yeah Jean! Best wishes for smooth sailing here on out! Lovely card Kerry, her shirt is awesome (what did you put on it?) and the microbeads are really neat, great idea!

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow this is fab .. i just love the card , that cake is megamazing!!
Fab news about Jean.. she has done amazingly well
Lisa x

Pami said...

Not like you to send a card at the last minute Kerry!!!! LOL, Its fabulous though, love the paper, I want some. Great news about Jean, just shows you what a tough old bird she is!! Hope your day is going ok. Pami x

Whimsey said...

LOVE the card; great color combo...and yep; same color family, Pinky will believe it's pink anyway. LOL

I LOVE those microbeads; how did you attach them? Beautiful.

Dang....your tree!!! :(

Um, can you teach me to run? I have never, ever, ever been into running, but I so want to 'figure it out'!!!

Hope you have a spectacular weekend!!

pinky said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Kerry and of course the beautiful PINKISH card, even more stunning in real life, everyone has admired it!! I have had a great weekend and been thoroughly spoiled;)
Crikey what a mess the storm did!! Luckily we were ok but were I walk the dog its desperate, fallen trees everywhere.
So glad to hear that Jean is now home:0 what a woman!!

Mary J said...

Fantastic card, Kerri! Love the beads too! Your poor barbeque and tree!