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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ladycow has landed!

Hello from soggy Vancouver! Some things never change and that is the weather. I left gorgeous sunshine and blue skies in Glasgow (I know...go figure!) and arrived here yesterday to something not to dissimilar but today is wet, wet, wet (spoke to hubster earlier and it's pouring so don't feel so bad lol). I did check the long range forecast before I left and it's pretty depressing. I think there's only going to be a couple of sunny spells in the whole time I'm here hmph. When I was growing up they used to sell badges that said 'In Vancouver you don't tan you rust'!!! I think I might get some made up for Scotland lol .

My flight was pretty good...nothing too exciting. Main thing was there was very little turbulance and what we did have didn't have me clutching the poor old lady beside me lol. We landed at 10:02 am Vancouver time and I got through customs, picked up my luggage and was walking through to meet my mom by 10:20!!! Not bad eh? The only thing is when you're walking through those doors to meet your loved ones on your own it can be a bit embarrassing because you're very aware you're pretty crumpled and bleary eyed from your long haul flight. You've got all these eyes on you thinking you're who they're waiting for so you're scanning them, they're scanning you, you have nobody to look to to ease the embarrassment and you find yourself getting to the end of the crowd and nobody's there to meet you!!! That's right...The Judy wasn't there for that all important squeal of delight of seeing her favourite daughter...the apple of her!! So what does a daughter do??? She heads on over to Tim Horton's and orders a 12 grain bagel with cream cheese and a medium coffee to ease the pain! And can I tell you...Judy was totally forgiven because it was flabulous lol!!! 

I managed to stay awake for 23 hours before going to bed at 8:30pm and have now been wide awake since 5am (it's now 7:41) My hair appointment is at 12:30 and I'm counting the minutes lol. Shelly surprised me by coming over to my mom's and we discussed what she's going to do to make me beautiful :-D If she succeeds I'll post a picture...if not you won't see me again until it grows out lol.

Tracey and her hubby came over for dinner (from the airport mom and I went to Costco and picked up some ravioli and wait for it..... EDANAME BEANS!!! Had some for lunch and the were megalicious) but I'm afraid by that time I could barely keep my eyes open and wasn't great company. Give me a couple of days and I'll be flabulous again lol.

Ok...I'll leave you with a picture I took on the plane...we were just approaching Greenland...


Catch ya later x


FairyD said...

Wooohooooooo!!! Those clouds look gorgeous!!

Don't worry, is raining today...hope you didn't water your plants yesterday!!!!lol

Have a fabby holiday....looking forward to reading all about it..x

Gayle x

FairyD said...

Okay...I put my glasses on and I've just realised they're mountains in the snow!!! DUH!!

mixamatoasties said...

I wouldn't worry about the sun. It's gone now for another year. Back to the usual rain ;) Have a fab holiday xxx

Pami said...

Wow, fabulous photo Kerry. Glad you are there ok and settled in! Can't wait to see a photo of the Brazilian Blowdry!! Have fun hunny. Oh and the weather here today is pretty rubbish as well!! Pami x

Rusty said...

YAY she has landed ... right ladybugs lets head to pinkys and get this party started!! woooohoooo!!!

Greenland looks amazing!! and you shouldnt be on the computer ... go mingle and relaxxxx

Sally said...

The party is going to start with the head ladybug out the country.......oh ooooo.Hope you have a fab time. Love the picture.
Hugs Sally xxx

Anita said...

Glad you made it safely Kerry. Wow, that picture of Greenland makes me glad we're only having a monsoon here in Ohio.

Amanda R said...

Glad you made it there safely. Have a wonderful visit and we will have to discuss the edamame beans when you get back. I've never had them. Make sure to take lots of pictures to show us!

Lisa Jane said...

so glad you arrived safely - was thinking of you.
Have an absolutely wonderful time.. and i guess by now the Hair is well and truly brazilianed !
Lisa x

Whimsey said...

Oh, love that photo - amazing. So glad you made it safely!!!

Hope you have a great time...and you are already beautiful; nuttin' she can do to make you prettier, BUT we'd love a picture!! Have fun...we are! :D

Suzy Q said...

What a stunning photo!! .... Now hurry up & come home, my dogs are missing you!!! ;) xx