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Saturday, 7 May 2011

It's raining it's pouring the old man is snoring.... is teeming down with rain...has been for 2 days...feel like I'm back in Scotland!!! I'm going to look for that badge today lol.

Shelly and I went downtown yesterday for a bit of sister bonding. We had a great time...lunch at the Cactus Club and a bit of retail therapy. I didn't bring a proper jacket with me so picked up a nice one to keep me dry :-D

I took these pictures as we were driving over the Oak Street bridge. The city changes every time I come home and this time is no different. There seemed to be more buildings than ever.

This is BC Place where they play football (not the football with the round ball) and once upon a time this is where the hubster played football (the round ball game oka soccer) when he was at the Vancouver Whitecaps. It used to have a marshmallow type roof ... it was a fabric type material that was kept up by fans (not the human kind lol) but now they're installing a retractable roof. It's a bit of a shame because you associated the stadium by the roof and I don't think there were many like it in the world.

I made a few cards the weeks leading to my departure. When I did the crop the other week and we did the Cupcake Cutie clipboard, I had stamped out the image of Wagon Full of Cupcakes a few times and started to colour them in. I didn't want to waste them so finished a few off and this is one of the cards I made...

This is another tutorial from's a slider/spinner card. I made one years ago for a friends daughter who turned 3 and she (the little girl) was so fascinated by the image going back and forth she ripped apart so she could get the penny! I was so traumatised I haven't made one since lol. It took me forever to make it as I didn't have a tutorial back then. Where were you when I needed you Lindsey????

I stamped the sentiments on white cs and placed it behind the window.

It's really cool...Wagon Full of Cupcakes just rolls side to side

Part 2 of the hairdressing saga starts at 11am. So far so good ... I love what Shelly's done though she was a nervous wreck when she was cutting my hair the other day lol. She's been cutting hair for over 5 years...trained with Aveda and is amazing but I think the thought of disappointing me put her over the edge lol. She needn't worry and if anyone is needing an awesome hairdresser in the Langley/Surrey/Abbotsford/Whiterock area I'd highly recommend her!!

Best get ready...can't be late!

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

I ma sure you are having a fab time despite the rain.. we had rain today too here!
Love the slider card .. those little bead toppings are just gorgeous...
Cant wait to hear more
Lisa x

pinky said...

Who cares if its raining, you are away from home and having fun!! Love the little slider. I only ever made the one, no template either and swore I would never make another lol (and I mean swore!!)
Looking forward to seeing the new hair do!

Mary J said...

You clever bunny! Gorgeously sweet card! Would love to see a tutorial! ;)

I bet you haven't stopped chatting since you arrived - enjoy it to the full honey!!

Shelly said...

Cambie street bridge darling... lol

Shirley-anne said...

Relax and enjoy ..cant wait to read more of your time away .
Love this slider card .You have inspired me to try to create one ...sooner rather than later.
Hugs Shirley-anne.

theCook said...

Thanks for keeping us posted... Love your slider card, and that microibead frosting is yummy!

Suzy Q said...

Wow!! Slider card... never even knew such a thing existed!! Lol! Looks far 2 technical for lil ole me!!! Vancouver looks amazing! Hope you guys are having a ball......any type soccer, football, rugby!!! ;) xx

Amanda R said...

Hope the sun comes out soon for you but glad you are still enjoying your time there, can't wait to see the "new do". Great card, glad you can do that cause I ain't even trying!

Whimsey said...

What a cute card; brilliat idea with the sentiment - you so smart! :D

LOVE the beads on that cupcake - oh lord, that's just delightful!!