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Saturday, 9 January 2010

I'm finished with this weather!

I don't think I was meant to make cards this week. Today was the worst day of all. All plans of making cards was totally shot down in flames when I noticed my utility room sink full of water and the dogs leads floating. Long story short I think the pipe that drains the water from my washing machine and sink is frozen. I spent 2 hours this morning trying to empty the sink with jugs. One minute it was near empty then full again from the washing machine. When the cycle finished I made the fatal mistake of putting on a hot cycle to hopefully thaw the pipes but that made it worse because before I decided it was a frozen pipe I thought it was a blocked drain and put Draino down. Now that the machine was giving it yahoo and because the water wasn't draining and being drawn into the machine it was bringing the Draino back in and because the water was hot it made lots of suds that ended up coming out of the door and underneath!!! It was like one of those really bad horror movies lol. Except I wasn't laughing : ( Then my washing machine decides to flash F11 so on the phone to Dyson only to find F11 means the motor isn't doing it's job properly and I'll need an engineer...on Wednesday!!! Wednesday!!! Do you know how much dirty laundry I get in one day let alone 5??!! I'd like to point out I was still in my jammies at 11 when the doorbell went and it was Postman Steve. I had to answer the door...I'm sure he's seen worse! I think I finally got into the shower at 12:30. I still had to take the dogs their first reality by the time I got them out it would have been their 2nd.
Dinner ended up being late because a friend arrived to help sort out the sink...2 hours later it was still blocked/frozen/whatever! Dogs out again about 9pm and I finally sat down to colour about 10...not ideal when I want to be in bed lights out for 11 lol. I went to post the card and my server was down so now here I am at almost 1am!!!! Here's what I came up with...
I used my new Bo Bunny pp and Tulip Ruby. It came together quite quickly...thank goodness...

She's got Swarovski crystals on the neckline of her dress, glossy accents on the watering can and glamour dust on her wings, water and flower pot :D

Anywho I'm really pooped so I'm heading off to bed.

Hope you have a good weekend...catch ya later x


craftyrufus said...

Yet another gorgeous card Kerry. I am loving all the Ruby stamps and can't wait to get a hold of them!

Lisa Jane said...

Another lovely card despte the trauma of the frozen pipe. I love the yellow and blue... so spring like.Hard to imagine spring whe we are knee deep in snow lol.

Anonymous said...

Another lovely card despite your awful day.
Don't know how you manage to be creative after the trauma of the frozen pipe and nasty washing machine.

Annette said...

Hey Kerry love the card, yellow and blue, my favourite. So you think you have had it bad!!!!!!how about water pipes frozen for a week and half now,minus 18 last night, diesel frozen in cars, no washing,showers anything we all stink ! LOL when will it end AX

Elaine said...

Annette you better have a shower before the next crop or you're not sitting next to me lol x

Hayley said...

What a gorgeous card Kerry! Stunning! You know I'm a huge fan of your gorgeous cards and other lovely pieces. Hope you get the problem with the sink/washing machine etc sorted soon! The water to the main farm house has been frozen for over a week now! Poor Simon has been lugging water up every day for them! And we're lambing, the ewes don't have any concentrate feed (the lorries can't get here!) to help their milk production and no grass :o(
Hoping the snow clears for everyone soon!! Think we've all had enough now!