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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Family stuff so scroll down to my first post if you want...

I read through my last post about Ryan. I don't want you thinking because I'm his mom I'm biased about his ability as a player. In fact I don't know all that much about the game which is quite shocking since I was married to a footballer (I guess that made me a WAG at one point lol) and my son is. Pierce is very honest about Ryan's ability and will tell him when he's had a great game and when he's not. He believe's Ryan will do really well if he stays focused and works hard. He's had great reviews in the papers and some not so great ones. He was man of the match against Rangers when he was only 17 (he's now 22)! So it's not just me being a mom thinking my son is a good player when he's not. I'm proud of him and his brother and sister and I guess I'm feeling for him at the moment because I know what he'll be thinking and feeling at this moment in time. Do we ever stop worrying about our kids? Never! My grandma was still worrying about my dad when she died aged 95!
Thought I'd post some pictures of Ryan in action...he'll kill me for doing this but it will be our secret...shhhhhhhh lol!

Official picture
Kilmarnock v Celtic
Kilmarnock v Aberdeen
In training though I thought it was football he played not rugby!

Think this is St Mirren but not sure lol (told you I don't know much about football)

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest :D

Catch ya later x


Karen said...

Poor Ryan, just as he was getting back after his injuries, this happens. He doesn't deserve it at all. I guess all he can do is his best and hopefully the manager will see how much he's improved since they last worked together and will then bring him back onto the pitch. Surely ability will come before any personality clash...won't it? Go Ryan, show him how good you are, keep focussed, keep fighting and one day you'll be able to stick two fingers up at the man!! Oh, and Kerry, the card is beautiful!! :-)

Hayley said...

Pics are fantastic, you must be very very proud of both your husband and your son and deservedly so! I hope he continues to do well!