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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Tired but happy

The workshop was great fun today...lots of chat, laughs and crafting...the perfect way to spend a Saturday :D Ten of us squeezed around the tables and I'm happy to say our Newbie Annette survived our rowdiness and will be back to do it all again in March.

I've tried taking photos of the projects but the lighting isn't great so I'll try again in the morning and post them then. In the meantime here's another Ruby card I made last week.

Flower Ruby is so pretty and I think she would suit any occasion :D

Poor Rocky was at the vet today because he's been limping all week. He's got to take an anti-inflammatory for a week and if it doesn't clear up he'll have to go for an x-ray. Thank goodness for pet insurance!! The worst of it is he can't fun freely...he has to be on a lead at all times and only go for short walks. You try and tell a hyperactive boxer he can't run around like a loony. He's not going to be a happy camper : (

Hope you've had a good Saturday.

Catch ya later x


Alison said...

Love your cards Kerry. Where would I get info on your workshops?

Akvile said...

Super nice cards! :)
Glad Rocky is going ok...yea pet insurance is super great for vet bills. no matter what they seem to cost a fortune. Thankfully pet insurance is out there.

Who do you have, if you don't mind me asking?

I have Trupanion and they're great. They cover 90% of vet bills, meds, and surgeries.really helpful to have! :)

Hope that Rocky gets well soon! :)