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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tired of the white stuff

Snow is so last year so why is it still falling??? Woke up this morning to see it had started snowing through the night. You could finally see the road and some grass poking through and now it's covered again! It's supposed to warm up tomorrow to about 7 or 8 degrees which means a big mess. It also means that Pierce took my car so I can't get Ruby and Rocky to Doggy Daycare.
I made three cards yesterday...woohoo...that's 22 samples from me so far :D I need a heck of a lot more to fill the 4 metres of wall that will be my stand at Stitches! Karen has managed to borrow the 12 cards she made for the CM&P magazine article out next week so that's a huuuuuge help. I haven't spoken to my sister since last week but she was supposed to start on her samples on Friday so I hope she's made a couple to bump up the numbers. Karen and I figure if I make 3 cards a day 5 days a week (she says I need 2 days off but I'll probably make them 7 days but don't tell her lol) I'll have about 100 then whatever she and Tracey come up with.
I love all the Nikki's but for some reason Coffee Nikki wasn't up at the top but after I coloured her yesterday she zoomed straight up there :D I think it was the colours I used...she definately suits the darker richer colours. I always have to sparkle her up so I Glamour Dusted her sweater, the heart on the book and her pooches tail (please don't report me to the RSPCA lol).
Bride Nikki was my 5th card from Tuesday. Very little colouring is needed...just lots of glitter and she's done!

We didn't have any hot water this morning so I've been sitting here in my dressing gown waiting for it to heat up to have my shower. Should be ready now so I'll shoot off. If I'm really productive today I might come back for a 2nd post.

Have a great day...catch ya later x

ps Went and saw It's Complicated at the movies last night...soooooo funny!


p.maider said...

Good heavens Kerry you are going to be busy. Wish you'd send some of your energy to Castle Kennedy. Both cards are gorgeous. I wasn't too sure about the coffee Nikki but it is really lovely. Well done.

Annette said...

Hi Kerry, coffee Nikki looks so comfy, think I'll have one myself ax

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry.
Loved both cards. Bridal Nikki is tasteful - liked the peach card background and loved the colours for coffee Nikki.

Karen said...

That's spooky....I used Coffee Nikki yesterday too....I love her! Probably 'cos that's what I dream of doing! Now, listen to Auntie need to take some time out otherwise you won't be able to string a sentence together at Stitches!!!! All your cards are beautiful xx

Hayley said...