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Friday, 29 January 2010


F14 can only mean one thing....Fault 14....sound familiar? My washing machine broke down again yesterday. I was answering emails when my power went off. When I switched it on again there was a funny noise coming from my utility room. When I investigated there was steam coming out of the machine and lights flashing saying flood, F14, turn off water, call engineer! (I'd put a load of towels on earlier) Wednesday of next week was the earliest I'd get anyone out which might as well have been Wednesday a month from now!! I was thinking of the trips to the laudromat I was going to have to make but hey ho. A couple of hours later I realised there was a damp musty smell coming through the house and it turned out I'd forgotten to turn off the washing maching and it was heating up and there was even more steam coming out of it. I called the Dyson hot line (excuse the pun) again explaining the latest results and because it was now deemed a fire hazard they managed to get me a callout for Monday. In the meantime I had to empty the machine to rescue my poor towels. It took forever because the water was so hot but after a couple of hours I eventually managed to open the door and let everything cool down. This morning I wrung them out and took them to get re-washed at the laundromat. What a flippen' carry on! I'm hoping when the engineer comes on Monday he'll tell me it's not worth fixing so I can get a new one ;D
Ok...onto the card. I loved the Bo Bunny paper so much I had to use it again with Slobbing Nikki. I can't seem to finish her off without 'Ugging' up her slippers. I found glitter that matched the colour of the paper exactly but I'm not sure if it's a bit ott. I also put it on the towel on her head but it looked ridiculous so I had to scrape it off, restamp her head and cut the towel and glue it on top of the other otherwise I would have had to start all over. Good save!!

Workshop day looking forward to it. I've a few last minute things to do for it so I'll head and get started. I'll post pictures of the projects tomorrow or Sunday.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Catch ya later x

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Lisa Jane said...

The towel and slippers look great, you would never know!
Lisa ;)
ps - sorry to hear about the washing machine !