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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Stops and starts

Just a quick post before I disappear back into the depths of my bomb site aka my workroom! Dropped Rocky and Ruby off then headed up to EK Mall to do my banking and bits of food shopping. Got a text from my friend Margaret who I haven't seen since......the summer maybe...she was in the area and was in between calls did I want to meet for a quick coffee. So you'll know what's next...I invited Margaret for a coffee to my house but told her she was on a timer and had 30 minutes lol.
I had about an hour before she arrived so I started my dads birthday card. His birthday is February 5th but every year it catches me out so I thought I was doing quite to even think about it at this 'early' date! I've wittered before about how I'm not a lover of making men's cards...don't know many that are...but I've managed to make him a card that I really like :D I don't have many male images and those I have I've probably already used for him in the past but then I remembered I had this image from Emerson....
This card is mostly made up of materials I've had for years and have been collecting dust. I've had the stamp about 3 years and this is the first time it's seen ink (shocking I know!), the Doodlebug paper I've had for longer (I KNEW I'd need it some time lol), and the orange Lasting Impressions button has been in my drawer longer than the paper!!!!

If you're trying to find the glitter you won't. I decided I couldn't do that to my dad but I did give the old guy some nail heads for buttons (well, they're almost crystals right???) and some glossy accents on his glasses and chair. I don't know if you had beach chairs like this over here but when I was growing up in Canada we had loads of these chairs over the years...the ones made of the plastic strips. As I was colouring this chair it reminded me of them so that's why I put the glossy accents on it...a trip down memory land so to speak lol. I hope the button isn't too girly...I did tie the twine in a bow but that was just too too girly so settled on a knot which is much more manly for my dad lol. And I can't seem to make a card without sewing so maybe he won't notice heehee.

I'm glad to say my dad doesn't look grumpy like this lol!!!

Ok folks...that's it for now...if I manage to make a decent amount of cards from now till bedtime and I have time I'll post one.
Have a great day :D
Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

I love the card - i am not too good at making male cards either - but yours is great
Lisa ;)

mixamatoasties said...

Love the card!

Elaine said...

I love that stamp! Another vote for 'don't like doing men's cards.' x

Annette said...

Hi Kerry
LOVE LOVE LOVE the stamp must be another borrow AX

Shelly said...

love it! ha ha can't see dad in a shirt like that ever! maybe we should buy him one! he already sports the sandals with socks! Bahaaaaa