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Monday, 25 January 2010

Busy Bee

I've had a busy time of it the last few days. As I said in my last post I was going to be working on the kits for the workshop this weekend. I ran out of a few things so HAD to go to Craft World and got everything I needed except for a couple of pieces of cs they were out of. I got most of the kits done and finished them off tonight. I'm really pleased with 2 of the projects and the jury's out on the third but hopefully the girls will like them and enjoy making them.
Today I had to go to the printer's to get the artwork sorted for Ruby's packaging. On the way home I stopped at Hobby Craft to pick up a couple of canvases for Nicole. She has been painting up a storm and has made a huge acrylic picture for her dining room wall and for one of her spare rooms she has 6 rectangle canvases (8 x 10) and painted a scene of those dandelion wish things (I never know what to call them...they're supposed to be weeds but I used to love them when I was a little girl and pick them and blow the seeds everywhere [I was a gardener's nightmare lol] )... you know the ones I mean. It's absolutely gorgeous...I forgot how good she was at art. I'll see if she'll let me take pictures of them and post them on here. You never know...she might get commissions lol. So back to Hobby Craft...I remembered they sold the cs I needed and they did have the colour but it was 20p a sheet more that CW. Now I know 20p isn't a lot of money but you'd think HC being the bigger store it would be the same price as everywhere else!
I haven't made any samples in about 4 days so I'm really behind my target. I've got this card I made from last week...I told you you'd be seeing Cool Nikki again soon :D I was very daring and decided she was going to have bare legs...she's young and slim enough to carry it off lol.

The dogs are at DDC tomorrow so I'm going to turn off all the phones and computers and get stuck into the samples. Hopefully I'll get a few extra done to make up the numbers.

Catch ya later x

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