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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

More new old stash!

So whadya think of the chic Handbag Nikki and her 'cashmere' cardi? As I was colouring her in I was trying to think of something other than glitter to add a bit of glam and texture. Eventually the light bulb came on and I remembered some Papermania glittered fluffy stuff I had bought a couple of years ago...and you guessed...never used! Why do we do that? Because we know that ONE day we will need it for something :D At this point I would have added an LOL or ROFL or LMAO but I got a lecture from Nicole today while she was driving me to drop off an order to CW. I didn't think she looked at my blog but obviously when she's working for her dad in the office and it's quiet she's bored :-O Anywho, the subject of my blog came up and she told me I shouldn't put LOL etc in because she laughs more when they're not there! I'm not sure it's because she actually thinks it's funny or more like OMG my mom is so embarrassing! The thing is, I put those abbreviations in because as I'm writing I'm doing those things...okay I'm probably not rolling on the floor laughing or my ass hasn't fallen off from laughing but if I wasn't typing I probably would!!! And there's always the point that I might think it's funny (I think I'm hilarious!) but you might not so just in case you don't I put them in so you know that's your cue ;D
Back to the card...So I think her cardi is fab and what about the paper? Can you guess whose it is? I've had this for at least 5 years in 3 different colours...3 sheets of each colour... and never been used! It's none other than Bo Bunny and I got it when I was home and was feeding my paper addiction at Precious Memories.

I haven't used my i-top brad maker for a while and decided it would look perfect for this card. Don't tell the girls but it might be coming with me on Saturday for the workshop!

I love Nikki's cardi...isn't it fab, almost looks like the real thing. You can't see it properly but there's a black diamond Swarovski crystal holding her cardi together...told you she was chic LOL...oops...couldn't resist that one Nic!
I've another 2 cards on the go in various stages so hopefully I'll get those done and maybe squeeze in another one before lights out.
Hope you're having a good day. Thanks for stopping by
Catch ya later x


Emma said...

hi there newbie to your blog and loving it loads, and of course your talent and creations of your stamps was in the new craftology shop the other day and picked up a couple of your new stamps and made my first cretion with one today!!!!
Hope you get on well on saturday there
Emma x

Lisa Jane said...

yep i thnk the cardi is fab!

Elaine said...

Love the cardi and the paper, well, the whole thing actually! Have you seen the new button daddies for your i-thingy? Badges and magnets too. Three days to go! x

Hayley said...

Love it!!! See I reckon us crafters have a sixth sense and know that we'll need the item (the fluff) for "something in the future" plus if we didn't buy it we wouldn't have the choice which lets face it we all love choice!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Fab cardi - so Nikki!
I must remember that my long forgotten buys will come in useful some day