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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Well, that's all the snow tooks weeks to gather and only 2 days to disappear. For all that I won't miss the snow too much the streets are so mucky from the salt and asphalt that had been spread. But if that's all we have to contend with we are very lucky indeed. We only have to remind ourselves of the people of Haiti and what they've been through and then think of the moaning about the snow... it really puts things into perspective.
I can't seem to get away from these colours I've used on this Cupcake Ruby card. I love peaches and found this spotty paper in one of my many neglected paper pads. There's a slight texture to it which adds interest to the whole card.

I finished one of the projects for the workshop...I'm so happy with it and I know the girls will be too. I might just post pictures of it tomorrow to tease them :D One down 2 to go.

I finally managed to get the dogs to Cathkin Braes today and they loved it. We ended up walking with 2 women and their had 2 dalmations and one and 2 poodles...we could easily book our place on Noah's Ark lol. Rocky had a great time with the dalmations while Ruby made sure none of them stepped out of line. For some reason she feels she has to protect Rocky whereas I don't think he'd bother if it was the other way around!

Kilmarnock got a new manager during the week and it wasn't good news for Ryan. He played under him when he played for Aberdeen and the man told Ryan he would be out of a job in 18 months. Well, 4 years later Ryan is still in a job and doing a fantastic job when given the chance. I suppose the manager made his point today when he didn't even put Ryan on the bench! People think soccer/football is such a great game ... especially when they see they drive nice cars, wear nice clothes, and live in fancy houses but they don't see how much hard work these guys put in every week to be able to play on a Saturday. Sometimes Ryan can barely walk after a game or a training session and there's always the constant worry of injury. Ryan has had his share over the last couple of years...he missed all of last season after a second operation on a dislocated shoulder but he's always bounced back and puts in 110%. Unfortunately if a manager doesn't like you that's might as well pack your bags. Same thing happened to Pierce when we came to Scotland. The manager that signed him was great but when he left and the new manager came in that was it...Pierce barely got a game. It's so hard especially as Ryan isn't the most confident of people though you wouldn't know it if you saw him playing.

Anywho, I'm going to head now to get dinner ready. Not sure who'll be in...I think they wait to find out what I'm cooking before they decide lol.

Hope you have a great Saturday.

Catch ya later x


Mary J said...

Hi Kerry! Such a pretty feminine card, love it!

Hayley said...

I hope the manager puts his personal views behind him and gives Ryan the chance he needs, sounds like he's done nothing but improve and clearly has talent!