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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Skip on to the card if you don't want to be bored!

Give me an 'S' give me an 'N' give me an 'O' give me a 'W' .... what does it spell??? Flippen' fareeezing...that's what it spells lol. Oh's been so cold today....and it's supposed to reach -20 at the weekend Brrrrrrrrrrr!

So let's re-cap. Today I was going to take the dogs to Doggy Daycare, go to the dentist then come home and make a gazillion samples. What happened was far from that. When I woke up and looked outside we'd had a couple of inches of snow fall during the night and since my car is the best in the snow Pierce took it to work which meant I couldn't take the dogs to DDC which also meant I had to get the train to the dentist. Luckily it's only two stops so I wasn't too bothered. I set off to get the 9:03am train only to find that there were delays. A train did come in the opposite direction just after 9 so I decided to hop and keep warm on instead of standing there freezing waiting for it to come back (it's only 2 stops the other way). I finally got to the dentist at 9:30...ten minutes early...only waited a couple of minutes before being called in. I was seeing the hygienist and she'd not long been back since having a baby so in between her scaling and polishing my teeth we had a conversation about her little boy Ali. Finished at 10:05 and my train was 10:07 and as there's no way I was going to make it I decided to walk. Walk!!! What a nutter...I lost feeling in my thighs after 5 minutes and my nose was constantly running. I didn't even have a coffee to keep me warm (not the thing to do straight after the dentist anyway) but when I got to Busby (which is the stop before mine) I decided I would chance my luck to see if the train was coming sooner or later (if you saw the trek I still had to get home you would have done the same!) and as luck would have it I just arrived at the platform when it rolled in :D My only concern after that was if it was going to stop at TH or would I have to go to the end of the line and back again but it did stop...oh happy days!!!
The rest of the day was spent talking to BFF Karen as we hadn't caught up since well before Christmas. We put the world to right then I went on to addressing 50 envelopes, take the dogs a walk, make lunch, book my flight for the trade show (there's REALLY no backing out now!), make dinner, take the dogs a walk and FINALLY make this card:
This is another Ruby that hasn't seen a colouring pencil or anything. The idea for her came from my sister Shelly and I want to get a stamp made that says something like "Even fairies get a day off!" I just love I repeating myself lol?? I think all 6 Ruby's have had their debut now. I hope you like her. I'll be making plenty of more sample over the coming weeks so make sure you check in.
I'm going to try and squeeze one more card in before I go to bed. I want to try and get to bed with lights out by 11 as I have been very late over the holidays and of course going to bed late means getting up late and before you know it the day is gone!
Catch ya later x


craftyrufus said...

Kerry, Please, please let Gaynor see the Ruby stamps they are fabulous!

Elaine said...

I love this Ruby! x

Annette said...

I just love this Ruby, she reminds me of all the little fairies we have at home !!! AX