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Monday, 18 January 2010

One more sleep

Hey there...hope you all had a great weekend. I probably won't sleep tonight with excitement till I get my copy of CM&P tomorrow! A few more people have seen it and said it looked great...note to self...renew my subscription lol.
I had to stick with this colour doubt you'll be seeing a lot more of it :D And no I wasn't drunk when I was's supposed to look like that lol. And can I tell you it's a lot harder to sew crooked then you think :0 I couldn't find the right colours in my many pencils to match the turquoisey blue of the card so I dusted of my Copics and set to work. I was a bit unsure of it at first as I hadn't used them in such a long time but I'm pretty pleased with the result. My bff Karen is Copic certified so the next time we get together I'm going to have her give me a few tips.

I just love Ruby...I'll let you in on a little secret...Ruby's amazing illustrator Moira is working on another 2 images for me in time for Stitches and you will not be disappointed!! I wish they were ready now so I could colour them up for you tonight. Patience is a virtue Kerry (I should practise what I preach to my kids lol).

I'm making butternut squash soup just now...I found the recipe on a blog at the weekend...if it's as good as it sounds I'll post the recipe.

Catch ya later x

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