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Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I'm so happy to show you this card from Meahni because apart from it being fabulous I never got a chance to play yesterday lol.
Like everyone Meahni has been up to her eyeballs with various things and on top of that her internet is acting up...we all know how I feel about that!!! I should have guessed Buttercup would have been Meahni's next card after Magnum. If you haven't already take a looky at her blog...she's a real animal lover. Remember my post about falling into the swamp to rescue that dog? Well Meahni would have dived (dove?) in and swam across it to rescue it...probably wouldn't have come out till she'd grabbed it. A little story from the other week (I'll get back to your card in a sec Meahni lol) I was out with Rocky at CB and the owner of swamp dog was out jogging and passed me. I could hear her dogs yapping away and then the high pitched yelping I'd heard that fateful day. She kinda looked at me sheepishly and I told her that her dogs could stay in there because there was no way I was going in again lol. Off she goes and a couple with their dog pass me going in the opposite direction. I carried on and could still hear swamp dog yelping away (I think she was right when she said her dogs swam funny!). I glanced over in the direction of the noise and I saw the couple I'd just pass making their way towards the swamp to try and rescue the dog! I was in two minds what to do but there was no way I could let them end up covered in smelly goo so I went as close to the swamp I dared and shouted to them not to bother and it would make it's own way out. I'm sure they thought I was nuts but I was too far away to go into the details. I wonder how many other mugs like myself have attempted to rescue those dogs and ended up taking a dip??
Sorry about that...went a bit off track! I totally love everything about Meahni's card. The colours...mine and Donny's favourite and the pp ...Kaisercraft, Lilac Avenue Collection is just so pretty.
The sold sign is so cute :-D No wonder Buttercup doesn't look very happy...

Thank you for another beautiful card Meahni. I hope your internet connection gets sorted soon.
Thanks for stopping by.
Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

wow Meahni's card is fabulous. Those colours are just beautiful.
I love that little sold sign too.. poor Buttercup lol
Lisa ;)

funky farm scrapbook said...

I like, no love this!!! Well done Meahni! I love the bright warm colours and that paper is lovely!
Glad you didn't end up in the swamp again!

del-16.p said...

I love this card -especially the sold sign.It`s so cute.

Rusty said...

What a beautiful card! love buttercup xx

Suzy Q said...

What a great card, the sold sign is a great idea and those purple dots in the corner just finish it off!..... I do have a soft spot for Buttercup, I think it's the fact she looks so CLEAN!!! not at all like my dogs! xx

pinky said...

How sad is poor Buttercup but I do really love this card,the colours are so gorgeous together and the sold sign says it all lol. Loved the swamp story!!

Anita said...

Beautiful card. The paper Meahni used is so pretty and I love the little sold sign.

Karen said...

What a gorgeous card! Love the pp! xx