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Thursday, 16 September 2010


Wow...what a day the first LCI blog hop was! I was so excited and was attached to my laptop clicking refresh all day lol. By the end of the night I was exhausted and couldn't wait to get to my bed.

I think I can safely say the blog hop was a resounding success apart from the odd blip. A few of the links were going to the wrong blogs but that was easily fixed and then there seemed to be a problem finding the ladybug! I re-worded the blurb about where it might possibly be and that seemed to do the trick because Lisa started getting some correct answers lol.
The DT were overwhelmed with the amount of lovely comments they received. Most of the team have been making cards for years but there are a couple who have only recently taken it up (just in the last few months) and I know they were extremely nervous but your comments helped and encouraged them enormously and I'd like to thank all of you who left one (or two!).
In between clicking the refresh button I managed to make a card and here it is...
I adore Tree Trimming Ruby and wanted to ink her up again. I had ordered a couple of Cosmo Cricket 6 x 6 pads which arrived is Pixie-Licious and the other is Mitten Weather which is what I used on this card.

I wish I looked this pretty when I trim my tree lol. (think tracky bottoms and sweatshirt!)

I decided on a Swarovski crystal for her hair this doesn't look like it but it's really sparkly

I opted to use sheer ribbon this time as none of my red grosgrain or satin ribbon matched the red in the pp. I wound it around twice before tying it in a bow and added a red button with a bit of natural twine from PTI tied in a know. To finish off I printed a sentiment on the computer and used my SU! punch to punch it out. Of course I had to glitterfy it with Glamour Dust for that extra bit of sparkle.

My dad arrived back from seeing his other sister in Retford this afternoon. Unfortunately when he arrived at Betty's on Monday she wasn't very well and was admitted to hospital with pneumonia!!! I felt so sorry for him when he told me...he'd swapped one hospital for another. We went straight from Central Station to see Jean in the hospital. She was given a tracheotomy yesterday which has helped enormously. We stay for about half an hour and she was actually in pretty good form considering what she's been through. She couldn't talk but at least she could mouth things and actually was quite amusing at times. We even made her smile which was nice to see. She's not out of the woods just yet but things don't seem as bleak as they did last week.
Dad is now staying with me so I'm taking full advantage and finding little jobs for him to do lol. First on the list is the wonky letterbox on my front door and the seal around it. If I had of known he was coming I would have gone around the house and made a list. We're heading to his favourite place first thing ...B & Q! I could leave him there at 9am and pick him up at 5pm and he would be as happy as Larry lol.
Before we go we have to drop Ruby off at the vets to get an x-ray of her back leg. I've been a bit concerned about her mobility for a while and when the vet examined her today she did seem to flinch when her leg was manipulated in a certain direction. I'm hoping it's nothing too serious and a little bit of medication and a lot of TLC will fix it :-D
Okay...I'm going to take Rocky and Ruby out then head to my bed. Thanks again for yesterday...I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
Catch ya later x


Purpleali said...

Beautiful card Kerry. I got this stamp last week because my girls thought she was gorgeous - they've got a thing about faries! I agree with you about the tree decorating clothes, I never look that glam!!!

Is your dad for hire - I could give him a list of jobs too! But seriously I hope your dads sisters are soon on the road to recovery.

Suzy Q said...

Hey Kerry, what a time your dad has had since he's been over!! I hope both his sisters make a speedy recovery!!
Love your card, all the crystals make it so christmasy!! The paper and the punch are lovely too!! xx

funky farm scrapbook said...

Gorgeous card, I love that ribbon!!! I hope both of your Dad's sisters make a good and full recovery. How stressful for you all!
I hope Ruby is ok too bless xxx

theCook said...

All my best wishes for you dad's sister recovery...
As for the card, I love all those crystals and the ribbon, and of course the kraft border. For the moment I only have two different border punches, but I might extend my collection because every time I see a new border style I just wish I had the punch!!!

Anita said...

Beautiful card, Kerry. Ruby does indeed look beautiful with her sparkles and crystal. I love the crystal you've used for all the ornaments. I just bought the Mitten Weather pad last week and I love it too! I hope your dad's sisters improve and also hope that Ruby's OK too.

Lisa Jane said...

what a beautiful card ..and i think we make a rule that as ladybugs we have to dress up like Ruby to trim our tree this year!!NO tracky bottoms lol
Glamour and glitz all the way lol
I love those papers .
Glad to see you don't just crack the whip with us ladybugs lol! Your dad will be in his element i am sure - a little normalness always helps lol
Hope Ruby's leg is ok
Lisa ;)

Rita said...

What a Stunning card Kerry, my favourite colours too, I have this stamp ,but not used it yet. Hope your 2 Aunt's continue with their progress and your Dad remembers to take it easy as well. Hugs Rita xx

Whimsey said...

What a great card; I love the ribbon and that border punch - where you'd get that, I LOVE it!! Ruby is so pretty and sparkly; just adorable!

WOW; talk about a rough time with your dad's sisters; oh my!

Glad they did the trach; hopefully that's kept your aunt from clawing and hurting anyone, including herself! Thinking of you and your family; cherish the time with your dad.

Hope Ruby's xray is good; like you said, hopefully meds & some extra TLC will do the trick.

Ladybug hugs,


pinky said...

Phew indeed Kerry, your life sounds ubber busy at the minute but it must be nice getting your Dad all to yourself for a while. Love the card, she is so pretty from her sparkly dress to her fancy hair jewel!

Elaine said...

Ww, don't know how you fit it all in wonderwoman! Hope everyone is ok! Great card and I like the doubled up ribbon idea - you know me and my obsession with ribbons hehe


Mary J said...

OMG, gorgeous!!! I've got that stamp and I can't wait to ink her up now!!

Your dad will love being useful - men are strange like that! I hope Ruby is ok - my yellow lab, Poppy, has had both her hips replaced over the past couple of years - and she's only 3 years old! Poor baby has been through so much at such a young age. I hope Ruby just needs cod liver oil tablets - fingers crossed for you...

Rusty said...

Wow beautiful card mrs, I am always this glamourous when putting up the tree, I wear stilettos and a bright pink ball gown ... Ok that's enough fibs I generally put it up late at night with Paul so the kids come down to a twinkling tree! ....

Sorry to hear about more bad news, sending wishes for speedy recovery to them both! And when your dad has finished your list of jobs, could you send him to me, I have a garden (think jungle) which needs sorting! Xxx

Rusty said...

Grrr missed a chunk out! Stupid iPad! You sure you still want it?

Sending good luck wishes to ruby aswell, poor little mite! Xxx

Pami said...

What a lovely, beautiful card Kerry. I love the ribbon as well. Pami x