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Sunday, 28 February 2010

I just can't watch..

Are any of you watching the hockey?? Canada vs USA for the gold and silver medals?? OMG...I've been watching it through my fingers! Couldn't believe the US scored with only seconds to go :-(
Gold or silver, Canada have been smokin' in these Games. At the moment we have the most gold medals (13) and I think are tied with another country (can't remember which one) for the most gold medals in a Winter Olympics so if we win the game that takes us to 14 and have the best gold medal record!!!
I can't take any heart is pounding...everyone else has gone to bed...I think I'll take the dogs out!!!
Before I do here's a sample card Karen made for me for Stitches.....
WE JUST SCORED!!!!!!!! Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-2!!!!
Think I just woke up the whole house...who cares....I'm so happy :-)
Sorry about that lol...We are the Champions my friend.....
Ok, back to the I was saying Karen made me this sample card for Stitches. I don't think Original Nikki has looked better :-)

This was the very first Nikki...I just love her!

Sorry...I'm going to have to go...I can't concentrate now after that game lol. My sister Shelly is at the closing ceremonies. She got 2 tickets in exchange for haircuts for a year so that tell's you how expensive they were!

Thanks for stopping by. Fingers crossed orders will start going out Tuesday or Wednesday.

Catch ya later x

ps Just heard that 14 gold medals IS a record!!! No nation has never won 14 gold medals in an Olympics :-)


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Anonymous said...

How exciting!! Well done Canada - I think your cheering was possibly heard at the stadium.

Mary J said...

Blimey, i heard you down here in East sussex!!

Gorgeous card!! I love Original Nikki!

What's "Stitches"?!!