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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Planes, trains and automobiles

I suppose after hearing about my friend Jana on Tuesday morning things could only get better right? Before I tell you about our race to the airport, one thing I meant to say in my last post and forgot was I had been thinking about Jana for weeks and weeks before she died. I've been so busy and kept putting it off but decided once Stitches was done and dusted I would make all the calls and contact all the people I said I would but hadn't. So now it's too late but I learned a lesson big time. Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. If you think of someone or hear from someone and you think you don't have time and file it away till later....don't. It doesn't have to be a long chat or text or email. Just make contact and tell that person you're thinking of them and you'll be in touch soon. I wish I had with Jana.
Ok...not an easy switch from one mood to the other but let me tell you about Tuesday's events. I told Steven we were to be in the car and out the drive by 7:30am. At exactly 7:30 am he comes down the stairs but one problem....he's only wearing his boxer shorts!!! Hello??? We have a plane to's snowing out and traffic is going to be horrendous. At 7:50 we get to the top of the back of my village (5 min from the house) when Steven realises he's left his phone behind which has the address of the offices his meeting is in so we turn back get the phone and head off again. Our flight is at 9:20...boarding 8:50...we are soooo behind. On a good clear day it takes 30 minutes to get to Glasgow Airport. At the top of the motorway we'd be turning off to get onto another motorway we can see the traffic is almost at a standstill...there is no way we'd get to the airport that way so I guide him through the back roads, through Barrhead and onto the road leading to Paisley which then takes us to the airport. At 8:30 we're still in Paisley!!! After much sweating and swearing we find a parking space at 8:40 and do an 'OJ Simpson' through the carpark and into the security check area. Coat off, belt off, boots off. Through the scanner...don't set off any on, belt on, coat on! Then we arrive in the departure 'lounge' of Easy Jet at 8:48!!! At 9:30 we start boarding the plane...hmmmm I thought we were taking off at 9:20. I don't mind if a flight is late but at least let give the passengers some info. Finally take off...spend a small fortune on a coffee and muffin and land safely at Gatwick. We head off to catch the Gatwick Express train to Victoria Station but when we arrive our train has been cancelled. We're sent to another platform only to be told that train was cancelled and to go back to the first platform to catch the 'milk train'. Get on the train which is due to arrive at our stop at 12:15...Steven's meeting is at 1pm...arrive on time at Victoria (yaaay) and grab a cab to our final destination arriving at 12:55!!! I give Steven a kiss and a hug...wish him luck and head off to find a strong coffee!!! Oxford street was only half a block away which normally would have excited me to no end but all I wanted to do was sit, read a magazine and have some lunch. I found a Costa Coffee and plonked myself down for the next 2 hours :D After Steven's successful meeting we headed to Selfridges for a quick browse then headed back to the airport for our 7pm flight home. We made it in plenty of time (I wasn't taking an chances!) and managed to have a bit of dinner (why are there no decent restaurants at airports???) before we flew home...late!!
Sorry if that was a bit long winded...I tend to write how I speak which annoys Nicole to no end lol as it takes me twice as long to say anything.
I did manage to make 2 cards today...this is the 2nd one. I placed a small order with Elzybells and it arrived today. Not that this card is showing it off very well but I bought some of Elizabeths new textured cardstock. This colour is Pink Lemonade and I also bought Spiced Cinnamon and Whipped Cream...all very gorgeous and yummy. I also used more of my Basic Grey pad and the gorgeous Dancing Nikki

I never think pictures do the cards justice...the glitter is so sparkly in real life!

Ummmm...did you notice anything different in this post??? Like how I now have a link to Elzybells without using all the w's...see it...just above the first picture? How clever am I then?? Not very because (I'm showing off now... here's another hehe) Hayley talked me through how to do looks so much tidier ... Thanks Hayley :D

Things are hotting up for Stitches...two weeks today I head off to stay with Karen and set up my stand. I'm really far behind with my samples but I'm not going to get myself stressed about it. I'll manage to fill the spaces with ladybugs and flowers. Annette and Elaine are coming over on Saturday armed with their Cricuts and we're going to cut out big letters spelling out Ladybug Crafts Ink so I can put that along the top of the stand. I ordered the velcro dots today...all 1500 of them...I'm sure I'll have them stuck all over me lol. I went to Ikea yesterday on the hunt for a table that would be suitable for the stand. I found a fab one that isn't actually a table but a set of drawers I ended up buying it to put my stock in. Karen's going to get it at the Ikea nearest her then when the shows finished, if she doesn't want it sell it on Ebay for me. They do hire out all these things but it isn't cheap so thought this would be the best option. I'll post pictures of it'll all be wanting one when you see it lol. I also designed my order form on Excell thanks to a little (well...maybe a lot of) help from Karen...I don't know what I'd do without that girl lol. I also tweaked the inserts with the printer for the new packaging for Ruby Fairies and the sentiments AND fingers crossed 4 new Nikki's will land in my computer before the day is over!!!!

Taco's for dinner tonight...I haven't had them in years so really looking forward to them.

Hope you've had a great day and thanks for stopping by :D

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

The papers are gorgeous and i love the bottom edge.
Glad you are feeling a litle better today and agree wholeheartedly that you should always keep in touch with friends no matter how busy you are. But also live for today- who knows what tomorrow may bring.
Your preparations for sitches sound so exciting.Can't wait to see the new Nikki's.
Ps hope Nicoles job is going ok

Hayley said...

Kerry, I'm really sorry to hear about your friend. Big hug!
The paper looks gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing the pics tomorrow! Get a good night's sleep. I'm still ploughing on with the website, I will get there lol! Glad you managed to add the hyperlink. xxx

Annette said...

Hi Kerry sorry to hear about your friend,life's too short, we really should make more of an effort to keep in touch with those close to us. LOVE, KISS & HUG see you saturday AX