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Friday, 5 February 2010

Happy Birthday Pops!

This is my mom and dad ... and believe it or not dad is 77 today....happy birthday dad! He came into our lives when I was about 6 or 7 and he and my mom married just before my 10th birthday. He was 40 when they married and he did really well taking on me and my sister Tracey as his own. When my sister Shelly came along our family was complete and I have to say that dad has never EVER made me feel I was less his daughter than Shelly. Dad is super fit and still works building patios, sundecks, fitting job seems to small for him. When I call home dad's either on the golf course or up a ladder!! And funnily enough he's from Glasgow having emigrated to Canada in 1964. Who would have thought we would have traded places lol. I remember when we were younger and my Nana (dad's mom) would send us letters. We got one in the July and she mentioned in it that it had been snowing the week before. I thought to myself...who on earth would want to live in a country where it snowed in July???!!! And here I am LOL!!!
Have a great day dad...I love you :D


Lisa Jane said...

I hope he has a good day and liked his deckchair card !
Lisa ;)

Shelly said...

love it!! xoxoxo