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Monday, 15 February 2010

Happy Monday everyone! The start of another week and we're heading fast to the end of another month. Time is just zipping by with no sign of slowing down.

I managed to see some of the Olympics while I was making dinner tonight...the men's downhill skiing. It's amazing how fast these skiers can go and even more amazing how they manage to stay upright (or crouched!) on their 2 skies. It was a beautiful day there today...the sun was shining and Whistler looked beautiful. Just seeing it all makes me proud to be a Canadian :D

Roadster Nikki is tearing up the road again. She looks like she's in a hurry and I wonder if she's off to meet anyone special...hmmm, now there's a thought!

I challenged myself NOT to use any ribbon or buttons and can I tell was hard!! My eyes kept glancing over at my jars of ribbon but I managed to avoid the temptation. I did however use these black nallheads which have been gathering dust for a long loooooong time.

Hope you like this card. I think I have one more in me before I start packing everything up for my flight on Thursday. My sister Tracey mailed her samples last week and I'm hoping they'll arrive either tomorrow or Wednesday. Our styles are quite different so I'm excited to see what she and her friend Laura have come up with. If they come in time I'll post them for you to see. Annette told me today she was going to make another couple and deliver them on Wednesday and when I was talking to Karen she said she'd done another few. I think I'll have more than enough for the retailers to see.

I was sent the floor plan of the hall Stitches is being held in...there are roughly 238 exhibitor's so you can imagine how big it is. Karen is working on the Hunky Dory stand and luckily it's really close to mine. It also looks like I'm really close to the coffee area which is great though I don't see any loo's!!
I think that's me for tonight. I've had far too many late nights lately and Ryan's taking the dogs out for their last walk so I'm going to sneak up to my bed.
Thanks for stopping by. I've a Ruby card to share with you tomorrow so make sure you check in.
Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

ther rgeat card - love that image. I really like the background paper and the bug coloured in a charcoal colour. My colleague at work has one just the same!
lisa ;)

Shelly said...

love this one! haven't seen it! she should be in a mini tho! :D