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Saturday, 20 February 2010

You woudn't believe what happened to me...

You know how I said in a previous post that there's always a story to everything I do? Well, I've got another one for you!
Ryan took me to the airport on Thursday for my 6:45pm flight. Got there in plenty of time to check through the scanners without setting them off and even had time to get a quick bite to eat before I went to my gate. Got to the gate and waited....and waited....and waited. Every once in a while someone would go up to the desk to ask what was going on as none of the staff of Flybe felt it necessary to tell us anything. Through snippets we discovered that it was snowing heavily in Birmingham and the airport was closed until midnight!! We could either wait for 5 hours for them to declare our flight was cancelled and get a refund or go and re-book our flight for the next day at no extra charge. Since there were quite a few flights cancelled I decided I would re-book so make sure I got a seat on the Friday. Managed to get a seat on the 10:35am flight...called home and Ryan picked me up. I felt a bit deflated after all the build up of going on Thursday but there wasn't any point in getting stressed about it. As long as I was there for setup day today (Saturday) I was fine.
I was watching the news Friday morning and although the airport had re-opened there were going to be quite a lot of delays. Also more snow was delayed so I made the decision I would get the train instead! At least I'd get as close as I could to Birmingham one way or the other. Pierce dropped me off at Central Station at 9:30 and the train set off at 10. Although it takes a bit longer to get to your destination, taking the train is certainly stressfree!! I had bought some magazines at the airport the night before so I had plenty to read on the train, packed my lunch and had a great time to myself :D
Karen picked me up in Rugby...couldn't believe I'd actually made it lol. We went to Tesco to get our food supplies for the show and went back to her place. We didn't have much to do but still managed to get to bed after midnight! We didn't have to be at the NEC too early so we took our time this morning and headed off about 12. Between the 2 of us we managed to carry in my stuff in one trip. We walked around a bit until we found my stand BS05!! I was told when I booked the stand I was going to be BS15 but I'm happy with 05 since 5 is my lucky number...maybe it's a sign.
I've taken pictures from start to finish but for some reason my card reader is acting up and won't read my card. Hopefully over the next couple of days I'll get it working otherwise you'll have to wait until I get home next week to see it all. I'm annoyed because it looks great...better than I thought it would :D
We have an early start tomorrow...have to leave at starts at 9 until 6pm!!! OMG...I'm going to be sooooo tired come Tuesday night!! Hopefully it will be worth it. Right...I've got to get my bags all sorted so I'll say goodnight.
Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

Hope it all goes well.
Lisa ;)

Tracey Falconer said...

Good Luck Kerr! I know you'll kick some! Wish I could be there....
ly, ur big sis!!!!xoxo