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Friday, 5 February 2010

Bathtub Nikki

This is my second post today...I couldn't wait to show you the new Nikki images. Here's the first...How gorgeous is Bathtub Nikki??? I just looooooove her :D I couldn't wait to get my hands on her and colour her in. And what about her pooch....what a ca-yooooootie! I think I'm going to have to have a name for her...any ideas? How about a little competition to find a name for Nikki's pup and whoever's name I pick will get a Bathtub Nikki stamp when they come hot off the press? LOL...I hadn't planned on having a just came to me as I was typing. I'll give you until next Friday (12th) to send me a comment with a name and I'll pick the winner and post the name by lunch time...12:00pm.
Now that's sorted here's the card...
I'm so glad Allan drew cherries on Nikki's shower cap (I know she's in the tub but the cap is protecting her hair from the steam and bubbles!!!) because I've had this doodlebug paper for ages and hadn't used even a snippet of it. He must have known!

OMG...cute, cute cute!
Wait until you see the other will love them :D
I'm gonna go clean up my workroom for Elaine and Annette coming tomorrow. I'll show you what we get up to. Hope you have a great weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.
Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

I can't believe this stamp - its so spooky. I near.y emailed you the other day to ask if you would be bringing out a Nikki in the bath stamp!
I have to have her lol!
I will have to get my thinking cap ( or should that be shower cap lol) on now to try and find a name for the pup.
The card is fab - and the cherry paper is delicious!
Lisa ;)

Karen said...

I love her Kerry! I think she might just be my favourite...but then again there's Martini Nikki....oh and shopping Nikki....oh and Slobbing Nikki....and..!!!! xxx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That was my suggestion above! I don't know how to post a comment other than using anonymous! Just in case you pick my pup's name, here is my email address.

Tracey Falconer said...

Love the stamp! Love the dog! Give me a day or so and I'll think of the perfect name to throw in the hat! Well done Kerr! Love your big sis! xx

alicat181 said...

I love her too Kerry. That has to be next on my list to for names, well i have a few suggestions...hope im not cheating!!

1 in McCartney
2 Pebbles
3 Crystal
4 Buttercup
5 in from Charlottetown Canada
6 in Canada

I could go on with more but better not :)

Good luck with the stamp
Ali xx

Hayley said...

I think either Bubbles or Loofah for the puppy name! :)

I need to email you again and order more stamps :D :D

Anonymous said...

More fantastic stamps. I think the dog's name should be either:
a) Bubbles or
b) Fifi

Sue B