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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Stock storage

This is the set of drawers I was telling you about that I got in Ikea on Wednesday. Fab huh? I didn't realise it held 6 drawers so that's why there's a space at the bottom. I'm going to pick up my car this morning (not a new one : ( but it was in for a service) and Ikea is just around the corner so if I have time I'll pick up another drawer.

It is such good value...the frame is £10, the drawers £4 each and the desk top £ if you buy the lot with 6 drawers it comes to £38!!! You can also get wire or fabric baskets which I believe are £4 each as well but I decided on the plastic ones so the packaging won't poke through the wire baskets and the packaging won't go out of shape with the fabric one. Karen's going to pick up the frame, 2 drawers and the desk top so I think that a pretty decent table for only £18!!! AND it only took 10 minutes to put together...we it would have it I hadn't put the desk top on the wrong end .... TWICE!!! Don't ask lol.
Right...gotta get in the shower cuz I've got a lot to do before the girls come.
Have a great day and stop by later...I'll try and post what we accomplish with my stand sign!
Catch ya later x

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