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Friday, 12 February 2010

The pup's name is...

I'll let you in on a little secret...I can't make a decision to save myself! Poor Karen is always getting emails or texts from me..."Karen...what do you think about this?" "Do you think this is a good idea Karen?" I thought picking Bathtub Nikki's pups name would be a walk in the park thinking I'd only get a few suggestions...try like 24!!!!
I want to thank you all for your entries are the suggestions:
Bella, Bubbles (x5), Sindy, Poppy, Rocky (Elaine obviously didn't see the pink bow in her hair!), Lucy, Sparkle, Maple, Sasha, Pumpkin, Toto, Gigi, Pucci (as in Gucci), Stella, Pebbles, Crystal, Buttercup, Charlotte, Victoria, Loofah, Fifi, Moet, Scruff or Scruffy (I thought she looked pretty goomed lol!)
So there you have them and I've got to pick ONE!! I'll tell you what I narrowed it down to:
Bella, Crystal, Buttercup, and Charlotte
And then I narrowed it down to:
Bella and Buttercup
And the winning name of Bathtub Nikki's pup is: BUTTERCUP suggested by Alicat181
Usually with me there's a story behind everything and this is no exception. I think I told you Nikki & Friends was named after my daughter Nicole. Welllllll believe it or not Nicole's boyfriend Ben calls her Buttercup!!!! So why wouldn't I call Nikki's pup Buttercup??? I thought it was a sign although it didn't click straight away when I read Alicat181's suggestions (all 6 of them!). So from now on Nikki's pup will be called Buttercup. Hope you all love the name as much as I do :D
I've got to do a bit of housework before I can get to those clipboards but I will post before the night is over.
Thanks again for everyone's suggestions. Get in touch with me Alicat181 to claim your stamp :D
Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

What a lovely name - it really suits the Pup , congratulations Alicat
Lisa ;)

alicat181 said...

Awwww thanks Kerry. Thats a lovely nick name for Nicole to have so im glad Nikki has a Buttercup too x x

Hayley said...

Great name, well done!! :)
I think its fate and destiny! And wow!! Good luck Steven with his business idea, that's fantastic! xx