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Friday, 26 February 2010

Set up day

Hello everyone...did you think I got lost on my way home LOL??? It's been pretty manic since I got home Wednesday night. I got the train home instead of flying because I had a bit of a weight issue...not my own though looking at some of the pictures I'm beginning to wonder! I got loads of magazines so I figured I'd take the leisurely route home and get a bit of paperwork done.
I bought a new card reader today and I've managed to upload the pictures from setup day and one of the other days.
This is what Karen and I arrived to... a blank canvas

I wanted to bring the sign home but it was longer than my case and I had enough to carry without it as well.

Karen putting velcro dots on the letters

Sign is up

Here I am sucking my tummy in lol!

Looking good

I wouldn't have done this without Karen...coming to Stitches was her idea!

Annette's basket of candy...made it there and back in one piece :D

I think the stand looks great...note the mom sent it to me just before I goes with my Olympic mittens!

I 'borrowed' an idea from Steve in the stand next to me and Jessica (loved her! She's from Florida and was just so lovely)...Karen lent me the black box bottom and I made the ladybug top and put a slot in the top for people to put their business cards in. The idea was whoever's card I pulled out after the show won a set of 8 Ruby Fairies stamps. And inn case you're reading the Gaynor from ESK won!!! I'll mail them to you when they arrive next week.

Karen's article in the February issue of Cardmaking & Papercraft. The magazine lent me the cards for my stand. (which I just realised I've brought home...sorry!)

All the Ruby Fairy cards

I don't like this picture of me (didn't realise how bad my posture was...Gaynor took this picture and it definitely wasn't my good side!) but I wanted you to see that people did come to my stand :D
So that was set up day...I loved how the stand looked and it got quite a few compliments.
The stamps were supposed to arrive yesterday but didn't. Then they were supposed to ship today but City Link didn't show up to pick up the packages and now I'm told the won't ship until Monday. I'm really disappointed but there's not a lot I can do save driving down south myself to pick them up!
That's it for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow to show you the 3D cards that one of my customers (heehee..I like the sound of that) showed me and promised she'd make me a couple using the Nikki stamps :D
Thanks for stopping by.
Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

It looks fab - you and your friends did a great job. Glad it all went well. Hope your confidence got a big boost.
Lisa ;)

Hayley @ Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn said...

Looks just as good in the pics as it did in real life. And you look fab! x

Annette said...

Kerry you and the stand look great, I am so proud of you and glad it was a success, when's the next one !!!! AX