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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Go Canada Go!!

Did any of you see the opening of the Olympics in Vancouver? I only saw bits of it but it was spectacular. The photo below is of BC Place which is where Pierce played football/soccer when he played for our home team The Vancouver Whitecaps. See the stadium brought back so many memories. I was watching the women's mogul's freestyle this morning and Canada's Jennifer Heil was pipped the gold medal by Hannah Kearney from the USA. It was so exciting and I wished I was home in Vancouver watching it (sniff). At least that's one silver medal we've got so well done Jennifer!!

This was the second card I made last night...Bathtub Nikki and Buttercup!! I think those names go really well together...thanks Alison :D

I decided to go for a coloured bath...reminiscent of years ago when tubs, sinks and toilets were anything but white. Our first house in Scotland was the showhome and it had burgundy bathroom suites!!! As soon as we could afford it I changed them to much easier to accessorize.

The countdown is on...Thursday is D day. Pierce's mom and dad arrive in the afternoon to make sure everyone gets fed while I'm away and I'm getting the last flight to East Midlands to Karen's. I'm excited and bricking it at the same time. I somehow feel there's still so much to do but not sure what...does that sound Irish to you??? Anyway, it will be an experience and I'm sure I will learn a lot. Hopefully not too many mistakes will be made and that everyone that hasn't met Nikki and Ruby will love them.

If I can manage, I'll make a few more samples this week...I think I have almost 100 so there will be plenty for the retailers to see.

Hope you've all had a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Catch ya later x

ps. It's come to my attention that there might be a problem with the email link on my Store page. I found someone's pre-order in my spam and when I emailed them back twice they never received them. If you have pre-ordered using the link and I haven't replied chances are I didn't get your email. If you wish to pre-order, instead of going through the link , type into the To: of your email.

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Hayley @ Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn said...

I love this card!!!! The colours are gorgeous and go so well together!
I missed the opening ceremony of the winter olympics but am hoping I'll catch a bit of the ice skating and skiing. Enjoy Dancing on Ice (on the sofa!!)