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Sunday, 28 March 2010

New Website!

Morning everyone! I've been working really hard on my new website and at times I've wanted to throw my laptop out of the window! I know it's supposed to be, click, click and it's done but I really do think you need a small bit of techie knowledge behind you because it's taking me so much longer to get things done as I think it should.
I've used one of their templates until I can figure out how to redesign it to match my blog. It's extremely pink and while I love pink this is just a bit too bright! I also started uploading images before I put them into categories so I now have the categories with all the stamps and crystals in them (did I mention I was going to be selling Swarovski crystals?) but I also have all the stamps on my front page which I can't seem to delete and won't be able to until I can call the Support team tomorrow...imagine them having a weekend off when I need them!!!!
I did a dummy order to see if it was working properly and managed to place an order without paying lol so I had to work out how to do that....and to my total astonishment I did it!!! I wouldn't be a very good business woman if I didn't charge for anything. Anywho, you can see it here ... it's up and running so I'm ready for orders....I think!!! I'm too impatient to wait to get the front page sorted so excuse the slight mess ;-)
Right...I want to do my roots this morning then take the dogs to CB for a good run. I also want to make some cards to post so I'm gonna get cracking. I'll be back later to post one of Gaynor's cards.
Catch ya later x


Annette said...

Just been on the new web site, love the PINK!!! Can't wait to see it finished

Jane Aldridge said...

well done on keeping your sanity on sorting out your shop (it's looking good!) - they can test the patience of a saint at the best of times when that click just doesn't do what you expect it to do!! I know exactly where you are coming from - especially when it's taken you hours to fix one little thing that no-one else would probably even know is there! Jane x
PS - you are beating me hands down on the blog rating!!! :-)