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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Aching all over

**Warning: There's no eye candy in this post so if you don't want to read check in tomorrow!**
Remind me next time I decide to start exercising not to!! I haven't done anything serious in over a year but decided the other day the muffin top (not the banana pecan kind!) had to go. I love the idea of running but I did enough of that when I was at school and I'd have to wash my hair after. I like the idea of joining a gym but then it takes up so much time. I like the idea of a personal trainer but would cost too much (I'd have to have them at least 3 times a week) so I decided to dust of my trusty 2 kilo ball and my Melt It Off dvd and spend 10 minutes (yes 10 minutes) a day killing myself. You might not think 10 minutes is enough but my body will tell you it's more than enough! I'd hate to think how I'd feel if I did the 30 minuted program lol. The genius behind it is Mitch Gaylord, the US Gold Medal gymnast from 25 years ago. I'm going to keep at it for a week and then gradually add my mini trampoline which is so much fun and the best thing about both exercises is that I don't have to wash my hair after either :-)
Hayley tried to help me put my shopping buttons on my shopping page today and we did a brilliant job. We managed to get the price centered underneath the name of the image and even got the shopping button centered underneath the price. Only thing we couldn't manage was to make it work lol. When we clicked on the button nothing happened and after an hour I decided to wave the white flag and send an sos to Heather who originally did it for me. I'm sure Hayley and I would have got it eventually but I'd already taken up so much of her time and I knew she still had to put all her stock away after her very first show at the weekend. I've fired off an email to Heather so fingers crossed she'll get in touch soon. She said she'd talk me through it over the phone (she's in the States) so I hope she's not too busy. Thanks Hayley for your help today :-)
My stamps were supposed to arrive tomorrow but I got a call from the manufacturer around 6 tonight saying I won't be getting them until Friday now. I'm gutted because I didn't want to be one of these people that promised something and that didn't deliver though I know it's outwith my control. So anyone waiting for their stamps I'm really sorry and I'll get them out asap. Hopefully they'll come in the morning and I can post them in the afternoon.
I re-ordered the metal plates with holes for the make and take on Saturday and they'll be here tomorrow so I'll be busy redesigning the magnet board I made for Nicole...she loved hers btw...and cutting all the pieces. I've picked a gorgeous My Mind's Eye paper and SU! ribbon for it. Dogs will be at DDC so I'll have peace to get everything done.
I'm going to head into my workroom now and try and conjure up some creation to post tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.
Catch ya later x


Alison said...

Hi Kerry,

Looking forward to our project on Sat :)

See you then
Ali x

Hayley @ Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn said...

I realised I never commented (unlike me!) I'm so sorry we couldn't get the buttons finished, it really annoys me only getting things half done or "failing" at something :( I think we did given that neither of us can read html (hilarious!) xx

Hayley @ Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn said...

"did" *quite well...